About Me

Why “Reluctant Dreamer,” you ask?

It’s the best way to summarize my hope to be what God wants me to be, while coming to terms with who I currently am. I’m reluctant in that this path is difficult and often leads me to see my own weaknesses and limitations. But, what’s different is that everything is possible with God. He has made me like I am and has purposes for my life. The two can be difficult to fit together though! For example, I am an introvert who would easily have lived a hermit’s life. But God calls us to community. Or personality – I gave up being a “perceptive person” (INFP in the Myers Briggs personality test) long ago for the safety of control (INFJ). But God made me a dreamer, like it or not. He has plans for each of us that we have never, ever dared to consider and that seem completely out of our reach, and honestly, crazy! But He’ll show us how to get there, step by step, if we decide to trust Him. We then realize it’s what we wanted all along. That is the purpose of this blog…..tracking where God leads me in full understanding that I cannot get there without complete trust and reliance on Him. The path awaits…shall we?