The Best Gift

Gifts can say so much, can’t they? They reaffirm someone’s love, show their heart for us. The more intimate a relationship is, the more expectation we may have of gifts given. Most of us would agree it isn’t the cost of the gift as much as the thought put into it and the effort used to choose it. (I’m relieved this isn’t about my own record of gift giving, because that isn’t my best area for sure.)

CrossBut God has given us the best gift, the gift of his own Son’s precious life and death to restore our relationship with Him. It is the most costly gift. Before God created any of us or this world, He was already completely perfect and satisfied. He didn’t NEED us. He wanted us. Yet, in our choice to sin and reject God, we ruined it all. He could have looked at us and our terrible choice to sin in disobeying Him and just say, redo! In an instant everything could have been erased or restarted. But no, He chose to give up, for a time, His very Son, who is also God, to see Him suffer and die in the hands of sinful, corrupt people.

How much grief and pain that must have been for God. We can understand the death of the closest person in our family, but giving that person up to be treated horribly and then killed? Jesus is holy and perfect and obviously deserved none of that.

But He willingly went

through his part of it. For those 33 years, He was both God and man, subjected to this fallen world. He was treated terribly by us, accused wrongly, crucified – a most painful and humiliating death. He knew and experienced all of mankind’s hatred, jealousy, bitterness, evilness. I am so thankful He did rise from the dead and defeat death and sin! The most horrific story also has the best ending – God’s offer of salvation to every person.

What a gift! If gifts show one’s heart and the depth of love, the importance of the one it is given to – we are obviously

more loved than we will ever fully understand.

God didn’t have to do any of that! Yet, He did. He saw a way to fix what people ruined and it required giving up His only Son to be treated horribly and killed so our dilemma could be solved.

This is a gift every person should daily think about and be thankful for! How could we ever doubt our worth to God or His love for us. He has demonstrated His love with the most amazing gift.


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