Living Water

N1704P58003CA word I have grown to love and appreciate more and more is, “satisfied.” I’m just tired of feeling I’m greedily shoving food and drink in my mouth, but always hungry, looking all around for what else may satisfy me other than Him. I can’t help but think of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, where an entire crew seems alive but is actually cursed to never enjoy this life. In effect, they are dead but living and wanting life’s enjoyments. All the pleasures of life are empty to them and they now seek death more than life. I can think of no better comparison to life without Christ as our complete source of joy and hope. Once we get to this realization, desperately empty and sick of all the world offers, whether we are 12 or 92, it’s such a relief to come to God and say, I am so done. I’m just sick of seeking pleasure and satisfaction the world promises is fulfilling. It just isn’t. I am exhausted and sickeningly stuffed full of food. I am left more empty than when I began my search to be content and satisfied.

So I come to my amazing Creator, Lord, Savior and Friend and just fall at his feet and cry. I feel the weight of my wretchedness, the pointlessness of my search for meaning and contentment in the world. I feel the piercing emptiness I am left with when I keep God at a distance.

Thankfully Jesus is there, reaching out to me with the most pure glass of water. Drink this, my love, He says. I know it’s Him,

He is the Living Water.

In John 7:37, Jesus says, “If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink. Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him.”

I take a sip and my thirst is quenched. My entire body feels strengthened. My mind clears up. I see the superiority of my Lord over anything or anyone else. I am drawn to Him, to know Him better. That’s all that seems to matter at this instant.

I realize, I’m not alone here, either. Many brothers and sisters are also here, cup in hand, eyes glued to Jesus. And the pang of sorrow too, to see all the cups left partly full on the table, forgotten, at least for the time being.


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