In the Light

Bright vector sun with lens flareBut if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus, his Son, purifies us from all sin. I John 1:7 

Being a Christian is often compared to walking in God’s light. Some days that light feel so wonderful, like a lovely sunny day after months of gloom. Our spirits are lifted and we can’t imagine wanting to be anywhere else. But other days, that same light feels really glaring and harsh and I feel tempted to

run and hide.

Maybe it’s a time I’m struggling with loving God more than the world, or remaining obedient to Him, or maybe shame has crept into my heart… regardless, it does not feel natural to walk in God’s light that day. Perhaps you’ve also had the nightmare where you are out and about in public, only to realize you never got dressed or that you’re up on stage with a spotlight so bright you can’t even see who is in the audience, and oh yeah, you’re naked. It’s 100% humbling, vulnerable, foreign and scary. All you can think about is running away, how you would give anything to be given a towel or something as you stand naked on stage, heck even a napkin.

No matter what situation we’re in or how God may seem to us that day, the truth is God is good and has so much He wants us to learn and experience in our walk with Him. We are where we are for a reason and can trust there’s something here to be learned if we are willing to just stay there in His presence no matter what. God doesn’t change, but we certainly do, way too frequently! We have to consider, what circumstances am I facing today? How obedient to God am I being right now? Am I spending time with God and fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord so I am held accountable? Or am I wandering where I shouldn’t be…in dark places where I can easily get in trouble and lose my way?

Here’s our daily challenge,

 walk in the light.

Stay in God’s light no matter how it feels today. If it’s a “naked on stage day,” it may be rough but make the best of it. Don’t go running off the stage. Get comfortable, get crazy and smile. Know God sees us as we are and still loves us. If God’s light seems to be burning you today, hot and relentless, ask Him to be your shade and your comfort while you are in that place. If you’ve been in the dark so long His light repels you, just give it time and let your eyes adjust. They will. And eventually no matter what sort of light God seems to be today, we will find there’s nowhere else we would rather be. We were made to be creatures of the light, completely known and loved by our heavenly Father, and gradually very well-known and loved by those we trust around us.


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