Known, Accepted, Loved

To be known, accepted and loved… isn’t that our deepest hope and desire? On the other hand, to be unknown, rejected and hated, then, would be our biggest fear.  In our relationships with people, there is an element of risk that any or all may be true at times. It takes a decision to risk and be vulnerable repeatedly to discover those treasures of relationships that do offer all three – knowing, acceptance and love.
Is it worth the risk, we wonder? Is it worth the time, the pain, the disappointment? The answer is yes, it’s absolutely worth it because our deepest, most intimate, vulnerable relationship is with God. God perfectly knows us, perfectly accepts us because of the blood of Christ and perfectly loves us. He is our strong, perfect foundation that never changes. I find this phrase in Jeremiah 1:3 very comforting, “‘Before I formed you in the womb I knew you….'” Step one is done by God before we each were even born! It’s humbling, of course, but also freeing to know there’s no point in hiding ourselves from God. He knows it all – every nook and cranny of our hearts and minds, every temptation, every fear, everything. We hide things even from ourselves, but we cannot hide anything from God. That’s why we ask God to “search us” – to reveal to ourselves all the hidden things we ourselves have got to face and deal with.
God accepts us when we believe in the name of Jesus and repent from our sin. From that point on, He sees us as righteous because of His Son’s blood that covers our sin and allows us to be white as snow. Apart from Christ, we are unacceptable. But once we accept God’s gift of salvation, we are free from condemnation and seen from that point on as forgiven, righteous sons and daughters of the King. Praise God!! This was and is His choice or there would have been no way it could be. He chose to accept us.
And loved. God is love. God sent His Son to die for us so we could live. Can we ever question that God loves us? Never. His love is amazingly perfect and eternal.

So that is our starting point, and it is a wonderful place to be! As we come to terms with our relationship with God, we have such security and peace that yes, we can risk what it takes to find and give these gifts to people as well. Because we all are quite imperfect, we are bound to hurt one another. But with God as our firm foundation, these wounds are more like scratches and bruises that we can handle, never a risk to our lives. Our lives are secure in Christ.


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