Creative Faithfulness

N1504P61012CThe only rules God follows are His own. Sometimes we find a pattern to how He’s working in our hearts and lives and assume that it is permanent. We begin to completely rely on those patterns after a while. For example, I will come to expect that God ALWAYS brings a person to mind to encourage when I have my quiet time. Or I expect to ALWAYS have a sense of God’s presence when I hear a certain song. Or when I give away extra money, He’ll ALWAYS have a gift appear for me that same day. God definitely does demonstrate patterns to help us pick up on His faithfulness and constant provision. But I wonder if He works also to help us 

expect Him all of the time.

This is definitely a lesson I’m learning! I love to learn more about God and how He works in and with our lives. If I’m not careful though, I can get nervous when He varies a bit. It’s unnerving! I start to worry…

Did I do something wrong?

Is God unhappy with me?

My confidence and peace can quickly disappear.

And you know, sometimes something is wrong! So it is good to think through our thoughts and actions. Possibly though, He may be teaching us to go with whatever He is doing and not limit Him to the patterns we see. God truly is 100% faithful! Look at the seasons, the sun and moon, the tides. Look at His constant work in us and in the church as a whole. Look at the promises He makes and has never once broken.

God is also wonderfully creative and unique. We can learn to enjoy the way He reveals Himself differently to us, speaks to us, makes His love and peace evident. He helps us discover what unique gifts He has given us, but it’s completely possible He’ll throw in ones we didn’t expect at times. He speaks to us as we sing in worship to Him, and He can speak just as easily to us as we admire the beauty of His creation. He teaches us that He rewards our sacrifice and obedience, but varies how those wonderful surprises appear.

A discussion comes to mind I had with a friend about spiritual gifts and how God uses them. I asked her, “How does God use you in ministry?” I expected her to name a couple of specific gifts she obviously has. But she wisely answered,

however He wants.

I thought, what a great answer. I’ll do whatever You want, Lord, whenever You want. Let’s be on the look out for how God is working all through our days. I’m glad life can be an interesting adventure, but one with a faithful travel Companion.


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