Search Me

I Corinthians 2:10 …the Spirit searches all things

God doesn’t need to do a search to know any of us better or to know what’s going on in our world. He knows it already! He exists outside of time and already is in both our past and future all at once. So, why do we ask Him to search us? 

One of my favorite songs starts off with the lyrics, “Search me, know me “. It seems more an indication of our heart towards God. 

God is not a bully. 

He came up with boundaries and He respects ours, even the ones that keep us from knowing His love and blessing as much as we could. It’s really a bit ironic. But God gives us this control, this ability to ask Him to know us and likewise know Him better.

Asking God to search us is our  permission to please reveal to me what I may not be aware of. Asking this question acknowledges we want to be humble before God, and consider whatever He would like to reveal to us. We will take His promptings seriously and allow Him to make changes as He wants.

It’s mostly scary until we develop a history with God and find personally that He is always good, and gentle and wise. Then we can actually be eager to ask Him to search us. 

How can I know you better, God? 

How can you make me more like You and purify my heart some more today?
So much of God has to do with revelation – revealing what we don’t know. And one of the biggest mysteries after knowing our eternal, amazing God just one bit more today, is knowing ourselves one bit more. So much of our own motives and desires we hide from ourselves. And how can we grow and change if we refuse to even be honest with ourselves? “But I know there’s a lot of bad stuff buried in me,” you may think. “What if revealing it makes things worse? Will God still love me? Forgive me? Why stir up pain that I can medicate and hide? I am already used to this after all.”

True, God does stir up things in our hearts and in our hurts. But, He then comforts us and walks in it with us until it is all properly healed and we are not wasting time hiding what we’re ashamed of. We find healing and freedom. What seemed like a scary and dangerous request ends with even more assurance that God can be trusted and knows the best way to help us live with joy and freedom. So let’s make it a daily, hourly prayer – Search me, Lord. 


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