Our Friend, The Judge

2 Corinthians 7:1 “…perfecting holiness out of reverence for God.”

kneelingGod has so many roles in our lives – Father, Friend, Counselor, Lover of our souls, Lord…the list goes on. I find it interesting how at different times, He seems to focus on different roles, helping us understand Him more in all His complexity and deep love for us.

To me, this verse in 2 Corinthians zooms out from a super close perspective of God to a distant one, considering

God’s grandeur and absolute holiness.

It reminds me of the situarion where we get to know a person that’s easy to talk to and very down to earth, only to later find he is some influential or powerful person. Suddenly, our whole perspective changes and we think, “Wow, and he is so “normal” and unassuming!” All our ease starts to fade and we almost have to wonder if he’ll still want to associate with plain old me.

God is a wonderful friend to us, the best. He sticks with us in all we go through, and is a wonderful companion. And He’s the Almighty God! It’s good to step back a step (or hundreds!) to see Him in all the glory we can understand. There’s no one more powerful, or beautiful or amazingly pure. We would die just to see the smallest glimpse of His magnificence!

He is absolutely our dear Friend. But, we aren’t equals and never will be! We as human so easily worship celebrities and athletes but let’s not take for granted this eternal, all-powerful, all-knowing God of ours!

He deserves it.

It would be challenging to maintain a friendship here on earth with someone so much above us. How uncomfortable, right? Can you imagine, you talk a while then say, hey, I’d like to kneel and glorify you for a half hour but then I’ve got to get to the store. But, that is God. If we’ve lost this sense of His perfection and holiness and mightiness, it’s good to look at the parts of the Bible that describe Him and His holiness as a reminder. Isaiah 6 is one of my favorites, where Isaiah sees the Lord seated on the throne and describes the amazing scene. Or how about the first part of Genesis, where God creates the world and everything in it from nothing. And then He wants to hang out with Adam and Eve! Revelation 19 describes John’s vision of heaven and King Jesus returning with eyes of blazing fire and a sword coming out of His mouth. Or the next chapter, where every person that ever lives stands before the throne of God to be judged “according to what he had done”.

So yeah…here’s our one example of One who is gentle and chooses to befriend us personally, and deserves our absolute praise and worship. Let’s fall on our faces before Him and allow our holy God to perfect holiness in us, as much as is possible to do. He is remarkably approachable and yet He is blazing fire and blinding light, absolute purity and holiness. It is something worth contemplating our entire lives and yet, it will still shock us when we come face to face with Him!


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