This Is For You, Daddy!

The best gifts I have received from my kids have been their homemade ones. I love those adorable drawings and hearts, crazy sculptures, misspelled coasters, picture ornaments. They are the best. 

It’s interesting that our kids, for the most part, can’t stand those things. Ugh, they’re crooked and the writing is all sloppy. How stupid that I spelled that word and my drawings are laughable. It’s all in the perspective, isn’t it.

Our kids want to give us “real”, fancy, grown-up gifs. They should cost something and blend in with everything else in the house. They don’t want their gifts to stand out as “cute” or sweet. Preferably they should be used daily

But that’s not what I want from them the most. I want expressions of their heart, peeks of their sweet spirits, their unfiltered hopes and dreams. And the amount of perfection in the writing or cutting or gluing really doesn’t cross my mind. We aren’t perfect and on this earth never will be. Perfection is a tiresome adult quality, that of perfect gifts and perfect writing and perfect use. 

I wonder if God feels this way with us at all, His children. He wants our hearts, our love. We are more interested in giving Him what we try to perfect. We take our beautiful, heart-felt prayer and polish it up to sound more educated. We write Him a poem and then switch out the words to longer, more “impressive” words. We rip up the drawings we used to think were so great and buy something for Him instead.

And He just looks at us with love. Stop trying so hard my precious child. I don’t want your money or those store bought things! I want you! I want your imperfect prayers, your scribbly pictures, your lopsided drawings. Sing Me a song that’s out of key, write Me a poem that doesn’t rhyme. Your heart is what is most precious, the way you demonstrate your love for Me.


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