Deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfall; all your waves and breakers have swept over me. Psalm 42:7

DropPsalm 42 is an amazing Psalm, one of my favorites. It’s so full of longing for God. Verse 7, in particular, fascinates me. It reminds me that once we come face-to-face with God and His love for us, we are ruined for this world. We get the reason for that constant nagging feeling that

life isn’t quite right,

this isn’t how things are supposed to be,

there’s more.

More is named Jesus. We meet our Creator and Savior, the Lover of our Souls, and at last we have the answer. And what a wonderful answer – you were lovingly made for a purpose by the Almighty God. You were made for intimacy with Him and people. This world is dreadfully messed up but here you live for Him until your life is over and real life, eternity, begins.

Things feel wrong because they are wrong!

But God equips us to live a life of love and power and joy alongside Him. We are here to share God’s good news and model His love to a world plummeting to its ruin. We have a purpose and a mission, they are truly life and death for those around us. So we have help, although some days look and feel hopeless. We are citizens of heaven and in this 100 years, we must learn to live well here on this broken world, in a constant battle, attacked on every front but assured God has the victory.

Wonderful, wonderful news. Wonderful reality. But so difficult as well. I compare it to a drop of water somewhere in the middle of the United States that

longs to be part of the ocean.

And it seems so very far away. It slowly moves closer, but will it ever reach its destination? Some days, it seems not. Some days it ends up hundreds of feet below ground, trapped, swirling around, going nowhere. Other days it lands in a lovely lake, which seems better but, not its final destination. And still other days it gets pulled into people’s water supply and has to deal with being used and purified and stuck in dirty cities.

Thankfully there are days it gets pulled high into the clouds where it travels miles and miles swiftly, everything visible.

The journey is long, and the path is uncertain. There are stories of the ocean. They must be true. This can’t go on forever, right? One day the journey will be complete and the river will finally run into the ocean. Every day is one step closer.  


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