Planting a Dream

It’s great to want to be used by God to accomplish His purposes. I know He looks for willing hearts and lives that are open to His plans and His dreams. He values our decision to be obedient and submissive to Him.

It’s pretty easy for me to dream my own big dreams. Yet, when we dream without God’s input…we seem to find only pain and disappointment. That’s why I became a reluctant dreamer! Other people just stop dreaming altogether and settle for the nightmares of this world.

God’s dreams are even bigger than we can imagine. But they often start imperceivably. That’s why it’s so important to have wise and mature Christian friends and advisors to bounce our ideas and hopes off of. They will help us identify which plans are our own and which plans are God’s.

We can save ourselves so much frustration and disappointment if we ask God to plant His dreams in us. While we wait, we learn about Him, share Him with others and learn to serve as He leads. This alone is a wonderful and blessed life! Is it really just excitement we are looking for?

I think so. Sometimes I think I’ve just been an excitement junkie more than anything. Can you relate? Whether it’s my competitive nature, or pride or the need to feel important, I don’t know. It’s been great to realize though that God already has an exciting plan for all of us when we see life through His eyes. I don’t have to envy other people for their exciting life. The people involved in God’s wondrous plans are no different than you or me…they have just given God full control of their lives. It’s really quite freeing to admit that without God, I can do nothing. But like Matthew 19:26 says “with God all things are possible.”

So how does God prepare normal, everyday, sinful people to be outstanding men and women of faith? How does He prepare us for all He has for us? The soil of our hearts is dry, barren and full of rocks.

Out comes the heavy duty farm equipment. It can easily take years to remove all the huge boulders of sin and thorny briars of selfishness and pride littering this field of our heart. God tills the ground with His truth and supplements the barren soil with nutrients, strengthening our weak character and morals. It takes time, lots of time and lots of patience. He works out an irrigation system, the Holy Spirit, so water is plentiful and always available. All the while…we may feel nothing is happening. Does God care, we wonder. Does He even know I’m here? Yes, of course He does!

And then when we aren’t sure any more what God is planning, we begin to reap the first crop…that of peace and contentment. Peace that He knows best, contentment that what He has for us is the best plan.

Now the field is ready and lo and behold, it no longer matters to us what the plan is as long as it’s God’s plan. Our impatience is tilled right out of us and we find we only care that God is present and takes care of us. We don’t need to DO anything, we need to RECEIVE whatever He has for us, His dreams, His plans. Now we are ready to see the amazing happen.

A soul at peace is  a soul ready for planting.


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