God Is Always Good

Believing the fact that God is ALWAYS good is truly life changing. If God is truly good, absolutely always, never a slip up or occasional choice to be cruel, then I can trust Him completely. I do trust God. But COMPLETELY- that means I can see all the chaos and evil in the world, and know God is all-powerful and could change anything any time…and doesn’t.

That’s a pivotal point. If God is completely good and all-powerful, why is there so much suffering, pain and disappointment? Why does every human end up with countless stories of pain and loss? Why won’t God stop it all?

When I absolutely trust God, I give Him all I hold dear and trust it in His hands. The irony is there is no safer place for what I treasure! I certainly have very little power or control and I know other people are no different. But trusting is hard to do in a broken and fallen world! What if God says no to me? What if He takes that relationship or job or treasure away? It feels like a gamble still and we know in the end the gambler rarely wins.

Here’s the truth, whether it’s easy or hard to accept. God is ALWAYS GOOD. He has never once sinned or made a mistake. Though in an evil world, He remains perfectly pure, faultless and in control. What frustrates me is that for this time, it’s Satan who is prince of this world, and sin is the rule. So we do have disease, and disappointment and death and distraction. But God works in them and through them for his glory and our good. He doesn’t always stop the evil, but turns it into some sort of good, somewhere down the line. It still breaks His heart, and usually it breaks ours too, but those are the rules we all live by right now.

God is good yet I suffer, so has my family. Other people have suffered even more. We’ve seen disease wreak havoc on family and friends. We’ve seen untimely and excruciating death and loss. We’ve lost an unborn child. We’ve seen terrible accidents that did not end up ok. We’ve seen people, Christian and not, fail, betray others, use people, lie, deceive, steal and backstab… and sometimes I have been that person. We’ve seen churches divide and close, strong marriages fail, mistreatment and abuse. Perhaps you have seen all of this too, perhaps worse.

But through it all, there is a constant and that is God. He comforts, advises, picks up the pieces, restores, strengthens, carries us, and never leaves or forsakes us. He hates evil – it had no place in the world he created. But it’s us, humans, that invited it in. Now it’s here and it’s God that stepped in to right this with the ultimate suffering – giving his only son to die for us.

We know one day it will all be put right, but until then, we persevere and hope and hold tightly to God when times are hard, when answers are nowhere to be found and when all we can see is pitch black darkness.

God will not fail us. Understanding that can be hard in the midst of pain and loss. But, he has never lied, never had an evil thought, never took pleasure in humanity’s suffering. Yes, God is absolutely good and there is no one else more capable of protecting us and holding on to all we love. If we’re honest, not giving him all we are and have is the risky choice because there are only two sides we have to choose between. If we refuse to trust God, by default we leave ourselves in the hands of the enemy, who cares absolutely nothing for us. Let us run to God and pledge our devotion to him. We can be in no better hands.


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