President Jesus?

crown-free-images-at-clker-com-vector-clip-art-online-royalty-R5jsXe-clipartWhat we individually experience in life definitely has a huge impact on how we understand God. God Himself doesn’t change, but our assumptions of Him vary. For example, a good relationship with our earthly father makes it easier to understand God as our Good Father. If we’ve enjoyed positive friendships, it’s natural to appreciate that God is a friend to us, our best friend actually.

I would have to assume the same is true of the type of government we each experience. I am blessed to be part of a democracy, where every person has rights, equality, and a say in who leads us. But do I then treat God similarly, like my president? He has many titles but never calls Himself that. King, LORD, the Almighty, yes. President, representative, senator, mayor….no.

I admit, I’d prefer Jesus was President Jesus. That way, I can do what He says when I want to and have the right to lobby against Him or impeach Him if I so desire. I don’t know how to be part of a kingdom or have a lord. The closest I’ve known is a landlord…and respect is not always part of that relationship! “Ugh, I have to pay the landlord or he’ll start threatening to kick me out again. What a drag. He never even fixed the A/C.”

Jesus is our King and our Lord and always will be. Go ahead and try to impeach Him and see what that gets you! A king decides his own rules and then follows them (unless he no longer feels like it!) A king can be good or bad, but I’m inclined to agree that absolute power corrupts absolutely. How would YOU do as king? What pops into my head is, finally I’m in charge and life will be the way I want it (insert evil laugh)! I notice my first thought is not about my subjects, but about yours truly.

There is a certain respect and fear due a king. He does get a say in everything about our lives. What if he had a whim to make chocolate illegal? Or reading? Or earning an income to live? Or having basic human rights, like dignity and respect? Or what if he just plain got sick of you and put you on the brutal death today list? You see, he could. He could change the 25% tax he is given to a 95% tax and you get one response, yes, my king (unless you’d prefer the dungeon). So having a king can mean a lot less freedom, liberty and supposed security. Going through a day left alone suddenly becomes a goal, trying to stay off that king’s mind, off his grid, on his good side. If the king is happy, I will be happy becomes our new favorite expression. Life is uncertain and full of fear.

Well, Jesus is King and Lord. It’s done, there’s no debate, no majority vote. We have it made because it turns out,

He is wonderfully good!

It turns out He loves each of us and does care what we think, feel and do. We always can be thankful God is who He is. He is love. He is merciful, gracious and compassionate. But all that amazing news does not change the fact that

He is King and Lord!

He does make the rules. He has – they’re in the Bible. That’s His final say on how we should live life and what is and is not acceptable. And since He is unchanging, that’s what they’ll always be. We don’t get a vote on anything and we never affect His Kingship.

Sure we can live as if He’s not our king, but pretending accomplishes nothing. Reality is that one day the King will settle all accounts. No one is going to sneak out of the process. The decision on each of our final destinations is really final and at that point, there will be no more rethinking life or attempts at bribery or favorites. God does know our hearts. We don’t fool Him with our acts of service or church attendance. He is absolutely aware of the decisions of our hearts about Him. If we chose to ignore His rightful kingship and Lordship over us,

we will face the consequences.

Let’s consider today what it means that Jesus is our King and Lord. How are we acknowledging Him? How do we approach His rules? Do we understand that it’s His choice not ours, how we live? Thankfully He is good, but, regardless, HE IS KING! HE IS LORD! Do I acknowledge that truth? Does my life model that fact? 


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