Will I Regret Giving My Life to God?

girlonmountainHow great is it that God offers us a relationship with him of amazing depth to explore every day for eternity! I think many of us miss out on a lot that he offers us. Why is that? Are we afraid of change? The more time we spend with him, the more we find our hopes and dreams become aligned with his. Are we afraid to come to terms with the enormous iceberg of our sin and shame as if God can only see the small bit above the surface?

It is, and always will be, very humbling to be in God’s presence. He is eternal and perfect and holy. But, it is also very healing, empowering and fulfilling to be in his presence!

Yes, we absolutely will change

as we choose to draw near to God and stop running from him. But if we give it time, we will honestly be able to say every change he makes we are thankful for. The more time we spend with him, the more we begin to beg that he makes us more like him. We realize there’s nothing we’d rather hear than, wow – you’re a lot like your Father.

It’s not a small thing to give up complete control of our lives to someone else, even our perfect, good, all-powerful creator!! It’s huge! What will God require of me? Do I have to sell my possessions and become a missionary? Does it mean I may look or sound foolish and be embarrassed of my actions and words? Will I be dancing in the streets like King David in 2 Samuel 6:14, whose spouse was despising him at that moment? If nothing is impossible with God and he’s now my master, can I expect miraculous things to be part of my life, too? There are many legitimate concerns that pop into our heads.

I think the best answer is that we are talking about giving up control to our creator.

He’s holy,










and graceful,

just to name a handful of his awesome attributes. It’s true, he is not like us. And a huge amen to that! He doesn’t change his opinion of us daily, or have a mean streak where he decides to humiliate us for fun, or just feel like ignoring us here and there. He is forgiving and once he forgives he chooses to remember it no more.

The more I think of God’s character, the less worried I am, and the more sure I’ve waited far too long to give my life to him. He respects us, cares about our hearts, listens to our hurts and values our feelings. We may end up doing and saying a lot that we never dreamed we would, but, not because we are forced to or blackmailed. Lives often change a lot when given to God, but it’s because

we want them to.

We become eager to share God’s words because they are full of truth and power, even when they seem surprising. We become eager to ask him to do whatever he wants through us, typical mundane things, or miraculous things, his choice. Either way, when he’s in charge, as we act the way he prompts us, we find our actions are perfectly what was needed for each situation. We really may decide to worship him in some crazy way because we are so thankful and overwhelmed by his awesomeness….but it’s because we choose to. God is a respecter of persons, and he is a gentleman. We don’t have to fear that he will humiliate us or make us into a joke for amusement.


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