Look God! No Hands!

n1204p26003kYou may recall me saying that I’m not a big roller coaster fan. Yep, still true. But having the chance to visit Disney World recently, I had to model the crazy hands-in-the-air behavior required for correct roller coaster riding for my middle school aged daughter! I admit, it was just on a small roller coaster (that I saw many young children eager to ride) but work with me here.

Why is this hands-in-the-air behavior such a common and necessary part of crazy rides? We are showing our

lack of fear in the face of danger.

Not only am I willing to allow myself to be thrown about, spun and dropped, but I do this fearlessly!

As fun as that is to do on rides, I don’t see that behavior much in real life, just the opposite actually. We hold on to everything we have with a death grip. It doesn’t matter that our hands ache or that we are inhibiting the people we hold so tightly, or that it causes us to idolize our treasures. I must protect all I love. I must keep it safe. But, must I really?

When God sets us free from all that enslaves us, he sets us free from ourselves as well! We don’t have to spend so much time trying to assure security and safety, our own safe haven. For some of us, that can free up 90% of our time and energy!! Plus, always protecting ourselves is exhausting and often fails anyway. Only God gives us complete security and safety.

Every good gift is from God!

We don’t meet the special people in our lives accidentally, or stumble upon new gifts and talents we have by chance, or haphazardly get connected to the church we love. God is already aware of every good gift, he is the one that gave them to us! So, he can also keep them secure and protected when we leave them in his hands! 

If you’re like me, there’s that “but what if” that muddies the crystal clear water of trust. I have seen all sorts of good things gone bad, friendships lost, people die, great plans get ruined. But I cannot keep any of these things from happening. I can’t even increase the day by one minute. I don’t have that power. Only God does. Our efforts to hold so tightly to all we have honestly become more hurtful than helpful. In God’s hands, everything in our life is prioritized and kept safe. God is able to give and take away yet I trust him regardless. His character is absolutely good and true. He’s not cruel or changing or fickle, like people can be.

Until Christ’s return, the world will remain imperfect, littered with tragedy and pain.

But God is, always has been, and always will be in control!

Satan is free to sow seeds of destruction and evil that can impact us. We are never promised a life free of pain and suffering. However, we have

the best comforter, counselor and friend with us when we do go through it.

Yes, we may lose someone we love, suffer with a disease or be treated poorly by others. But we will never lose the God that loves us and guarantees us an amazing eternity with him after this life is over. No matter what, I can live securely and safely in his hands. I need never worry that I will be alone, or unable to face whatever happens in my life. I can ride this crazy roller coaster of life with my hands up, praising God, knowing I am absolutely loved and protected by the Almighty God of the universe.


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