Saturday…The Dreaded Day In Between 

Saturday is the day in between Good Friday and Easter, the day our beliefs really come to light. The worst case scenario has happened and mighty promises have been made. But today is the day hopelessness can so easily set in.

Isn’t Saturday the day that summarizes our lives best? We know what God has promised for those who choose him, but we haven’t yet seen those promises all fulfilled. We know heaven is our destiny, but here we are living in a very broken and sinful world. 
Every day until the return of Christ, Christians have the chance to live a life wonderfully characterized by hope. It takes amazing faith and belief, because this world is currently run by God’s enemy, Satan. Satan has become quite the expert at nudging even the strongest believer toward discouragement and despair. God is stronger and he wins, but it doesn’t seem that way some days. Evil just keeps growing in this world. Our identity seems fragile, relationships are attacked, the family structure is constantly challenged, morals seem less and less valued. We experience sickness, death, and injustice all of the time. We know God is good but so many circumstances make it appear he is not. Christians fall into sin often just as much as non-Christians. We look at all the promises of God and have to choose whether we believe them, because today, Saturday, things seem quite dismal.

So what do we do? We can’t give up! We have no other option but to hold tight to God’s promises and refuse to doubt. We see all sorts of sin in the world and in ourselves, yet we have to find a way to still live a victorious life. One person’s life may seem wonderful while another person’s life seems constantly littered with tragedy, loss and pain. Somehow both types of people need to figure out how to be faithful and trust God. Things don’t seem fair. Numerous times each day we have to decide to trust God despite what appears to be his inaction, indifference or cruelty.

But let’s not forget, Sunday is coming! God assures us, just like he did Jesus’ resurrection, that Jesus will return and all people will be judged. Those who accept Jesus as Lord and Savior will have an eternity of joy…no more pain, death, or deceit, just harmony in God’s presence forevermore. At last we will know ultimate joy and intimacy, being known and knowing God and people as we were meant to when God created us.

So regardless of how long or short our lives now seem, how disappointing, painful, unfair, or grueling, we can have hope. Our lives are only temporary here. One-hundred years may seem very long to us, but compared to eternity, it’s practically a second. We can be faithful and hopeful knowing God himself is faith and hope. He has never broken a promise, and he never will. We can trust he has a good future for all those that call him Lord. If it doesn’t seem that way now, be assured that there will be a day it will. God promises! There can be no better assurance!


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