Palm Sunday

I just can’t imagine what was going through Jesus’ mind as he entered Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. It would appear he is getting the honor and glory he deserves. But, the people are celebrating a political king, not a spiritual one. These same people, and all people, will crucify him soon, turn their backs on him, ask for Barabbas’ release over his. 

And to think, a royal procession and true worship is due Jesus. He is man, and he is God. I think of the amazing descriptions of him when he returns in Revelation, riding a mighty horse, power and righteousness streaming from him.

He willingly went through so much for us, people so unaware of the cost of his sacrifice. Yet, in love, he went through all of this pain and suffering, rejection, mocking, insincere worship. It’s truly mind-boggling. How can we ever think we are not of great value to him, that he doesn’t love us or care for us? 

Everything about Jesus radiates love and sacrifice. God allowed his only son to go through all of this for you and me. His heart for us could be no more clearly demonstrated.


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