Course Corrections

You’d think once we accept Christ as Lord and Savior, life would be “easy,” wouldn’t you? We are on the victor’s side, freed from sin and death. But it’s still quite a challenge and struggle. We aren’t yet perfect, as we will be in heaven. We are forgiven for our sin nature, but still have to make constant choices of choosing either God’s path or the enemy’s. It takes energy and work and perseverance. I have yet to feel it’s “easy.”
It seems more like a road with semi-permanent barriers on either side. God puts those barriers up for our good and we agree to stay within them. It doesn’t mean we always like them, though, or always understand them. Choosing to live in God’s will is absolutely the right choice, but that doesn’t mean we won’t have times we push hard against those barriers.
We see things we’d like outside of them and insist on walking a direction we can’t go. God protects us and helps us continue inching forward – but we exhaust ourselves as we fight against him.
On the one side of the road is too much liberty and on the other side is too much focus on rules and self-righteousness. Straight ahead, of course, is God, beckoning us forward. Keep your eyes on me, he says. Walk this way. He continuously corrects our course, every second, every moment. Sin leaves us with a broken compass we just can’t trust.
To me, this is the struggle that can seem so exhausting. Relying on myself gets me nowhere. I just walk (or run!) in circles. I get distracted so easily on both sides of the road struggling so to pursue what seems good to me. 
It all comes down to keeping our eyes on God. We must walk his way regardless of what feels right or better or good to us. We accept his constant course correction because we trust him. All sorts of paths and destinations seem preferable to us but we submit to the one who made us, who is holy and true. Eventually will be able to look back and see his wisdom and how destructive our way would have been. But today, we may not. We just trust, and take a step in his direction. These small difficult steps will lead us to wonderful places eventually.


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