Growing In Christ

walkingThis week away has helped me see another level of closeness with Christ that I have yet to learn. For the most part, I have had a good amount of time available to study God’s word and easily spend time with him. It’s been great! I’ve been like a child being secure right there with my parent. But this week was so jam-packed full of activity, I found I had little time or energy for that. It was more like I was a little kid apart from my parents, feeling very insecure and unable to apply what I’ve been learning.

It’s difficult to escape our human defaults entirely, isn’t it? It’s difficult to fully embrace our identity and live a truly victorious life. But I know it’s possible. I think of people like Paul that were often in less than ideal circumstances but still went to God first and found strength, hope and joy.

We just take the situation we are in and use it as a step to grow somehow in Christ. Some times are excellent study times, others require more application of what we have learned. Each day we may be in a different place in that spectrum and need to be ready for its challenges. Maybe the challenge today is figuring out how to spur our minds to purposefully think more about Christ, rehearse his words and pray. Maybe it’s refusing to go down well-worn paths emotionally that only lead us toward self-pity or anger or fear. Maybe it’s speaking the words we’ve learned and sharing them with others. Maybe it is finding we can worship God anywhere anytime. Maybe it’s crazy switches between all of these and more.

The point being, today is a day to know the God that loves us even more. Something about it may be hard, less than ideal and require us to exercise newly learned lessons about faith. I’m glad God celebrates our successes and encourages us when we fail. He’s a

God of mercy and grace

and has more than enough of both for our day today.


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