But, I Want It!

II Corinthians 3:17 Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.

GirlWorldThis verse seems easy to like at first glance. We all like freedom, right, at least my own definition of freedom… doing what I want, having what I want. But freedom from want God considers bondage can be another thing. My sinful nature holds tightly to some of my chains! I don’t always want freedom from them. I want to say, “Never mind, God. I think I’m as free as I want to be right now. Let’s come back to this later.”

We’re just grabby little creatures, aren’t we? We grab hold of everything around us and we don’t want to let go. God tells us that’s great when we grab hold of him with both hands as tightly as we can. But it’s not that easy. We are like kids in an intriguing store – we want to touch, grab, hold tight to everything we see. We must have it, all our energies get focused on possessing all these lovely things.

Hands in your pockets, God says.

Put it back.

Don’t take what is not yours.

You have that already – did you forget?

No, we don’t steal.

Yes, that looks cool, but it would break in a day – it’s a waste.

Sometimes he must just scoop us up and walk out. And we wonder why we never go into the china shop!

We don’t fully know all we possess in Christ. We don’t fully get the treasure he is, the pearl of great price worth selling everything to have. When we really understand who and what he is, we see what the world offers as it really is. We stop our grabby behavior and we look around with understanding at all the world offers. We see better the value, or lack thereof, of all these things for sale. The cubic zirconia doesn’t compare to the beautiful diamond Jesus is. The imitations of beautiful art are just that, imitations. What the world offers reminds us of those ridiculous happy meal toys that end up in the garbage. Let’s let go of all the worldly things we try so hard to hoard, and grab hold of the

one that is truly the treasure, Jesus Christ.


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