Search Me

It’s hard to be still, isn’t it? Some of us physically are always itching to be moving. But even if we are physically still, our minds often  continue to race. Some of the most precious time, though,  is when we just sit quietly in the Lord’s presence, like Psalm 27:4 mentions, gazing on the beauty of the Lord, seeking him. Not seeking to present our works to him for approval or waiting for his cosmic check list to appear…but just seeking him. We can be still and gaze at his beauty, sit in his presence, completely humbled and wanting nothing but to become more like him.
In this place, God meets us and does his work, and we can’t help but leave a different person. It’s funny but often all my pressing concerns fade away in this peaceful place. I find God’s priorities and agenda are often quite different than my own. Perhaps he’s developing a certain character trait or reminding me of my identity, sometimes calling to mind something important I forgot. Other days he gives me a nudge so I’m right in the middle of his path, not even on the edge.

Knowing God through the Bible is crucial . But I am glad he also seeks to meet with us right in this very skin we’re in. The Holy Spirit reveals God’s heart to us. True, some of our thoughts are our own, and we can be influenced by the enemy. We do need to be careful. But sitting in God’s presence, just you and him, you begin to know him more. He becomes more familiar. It’s subjective, yes, but you become more used to his voice, his promptings, his heart. Of course we make sure what we learn of God experientially matches up to the Bible. Of course we speak to wise people in our lives before we sell our home and head for Africa because we feel God is leading us there. But, God does allow us to experience his presence – and it’s amazing! It’s not predictable and not always what we want…but it is always what we need.

No one can comfort like God can. No one can encourage us like God does. And he’s honest and true. When he corrects us, it is done lovingly, without shame. But wow, is he holy and pure. He is never OK with our scheming to enjoy the world more than we should
Here’s what I’ve learned – his presence is always where I want to be. And we can live that way every moment just resting in his love and strength. I do get a little nervous some days because he is unpredictable, but slowly that becomes OK too. I may come to him one day wanting comfort and find he is needing to correct me for my behavior or thoughts. Another day I may come to him hoping for help in making a big decision and find that he is wanting to talk about re-ordering my heart.

The point is, we can trust God. He really does know what’s best for us every day. We can trust he will dwell on topics we really need to think through. As we listen and obey, thanking him for his love and mercy, we’ll find he is always right. Often whatever our immediate concern was fades away a bit or is put where it belongs, even if yet still unanswered.

Psalm 139:23–24
Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.


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