Tired of Waiting

WaitingI’m reading the last chapter of Revelation today – pretty amazing. I really can’t wait to see God’s face (and still live! If we did now, we’d perish instantly!!). We’ll see God himself be the source of light in heaven, no sun or moon needed! We’ll see the river of life flowing down the great street of the city, a tree of life on either side of it.

Today, though, it seems really, really far away. I have trouble with the word

“soon “.

Generations of people have read about Jesus’ return being “soon” and did not see it happen in their lifetime. If only I could be sure “soon” really would happen in my lifetime, that would help. But it’s “soon” to God, who doesn’t function on our same time schedule. One day to him is like a thousand years to us! This world is hard work. It hurts. Sure, there are many good things, but it isn’t

my home.

Heaven is my real home, and I want to be there! Until then, that unmet longing is going to continue growing. We have to wait till heaven to truly be completely fulfilled.

Yes, God is here right now!  His kingdom is right now being established, even today here on this earth. He invites us to work with him to accomplish this goal. Some days, I love the fight, but other days, like today, I am weary. It’s not just the battle around me that tires me, it’s the battle within too – the constant battle between my Lord and my sinful nature. Every day I have to fight shame. Every day I have to maintain the wonderful identity God gives me, not allowing the enemy to rip it out of my hands.

Can you relate? Do you just get tired some days? Do you ache to physically  be held in your Daddy’s arms, too? I know I can’t just stay in this dreary place because I have to live this life right now with hope, trusting God knows best in everything. His timing is perfect.

Help me persevere, Lord, until I can be physically in your presence, where nothing is lacking and every dream finally reality. Amen.


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