New Beginnings 

IMG_1120A song lyric spoken to God has been in my head the last few days from the song, “Hosanna,” by Brooke Fraser -“Break my heart for what breaks yours.” It reminds me what, and who, breaks Gods heart – we do, I do. We break his heart by turning our backs on him, by refusing to accept his mercy and grace. Yet, God sticks with us and loves us anyway. God can fix what is broken and marred and transform it into wholeness and beauty, but he does not force that on us. He lets us make that decision to accept his help, his salvation from a world that is broken and painful. Through God we are able to know new beginnings all of the time.

But there’s one new beginning I am so glad God did not choose – that’s a “redo”of this world once sin first made its appearance. God can do whatever he pleases, and he chose thousands upon thousands of years loving us, people bent on selfishness, often completely oblivious to our amazing Creator. He could have claimed a “do-over” when Adam and Eve first sinned, maybe restarted with an extra obedience-booster for mankind. But he stuck with us, knowing full well all the heartbreak people would cost him, knowing he would need to sacrifice his only son, sacrifice that perfect eternal communion of three-in-one for a time for us.

Have you ever thought through what the world would be like if you were that omnipotent ruler? I have. Not only would the world be a complete mess, I could never offer the love and forgiveness (or really any of God’s wonderful characteristics) to people who have turned their backs on me. It wouldn’t have taken long before I threw in the towel and just decided to figure out Earth 2.0. God has amazing patience and forgiveness for billions and billions of purposefully sinful acts against him. He puts up with so much slander of his name and character. And His only Son, Jesus was treated horribly by mankind. People spit in his face, beat him and nailed him to cross to die a painful death.

With all this in mind, how can we not marvel at God’s compassion, mercy and grace. After all of this, for all these years, what breaks his heart is still us – people that have strayed and need to come back to him. He waits with open arms and wonderful forgiveness.

He still wants our obedience, love and devotion.

Though we fail him time and time again, spit in his face, turn our backs on his ways, He constantly offers us mercy. But, this won’t be the case forever. One day,

everything will be set right,

and we will stand before him to answer for our behavior. Praise God, he gives us a way to be seen as righteous before him through Jesus’ precious blood. There would not be a more terrible moment than standing before God after a lifetime of disobedience, finally realizing what a mistake I made, hearing that it’s too late now, and sorry but I can’t enter heaven. We have the chance right now to get right with God, to know him, love him and accept his forgiveness. Why put it off for one more moment?

Open our eyes, Lord. Open our hearts. Cut through this fog that clouds our hearts and confuses our minds so that we can truly see who you are and give you the glory you deserve. You deserve our absolute devotion and submission. Make today the day of new beginnings for us. Amen.


2 thoughts on “New Beginnings 

  1. Amen sister! God is way more patient with us than we deserve! And I ADORE that “Hosanna” song you referenced. Now I can’t get it out of my head. 😊 Do we ever do that song in church? I would love it!


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