I want to live a life totally submitted to God, but how do I even start?

MountainIt seems overwhelming! I don’t even have time!

I think one key to living a life completely submitted to God is stepping back and allowing him the freedom to

re-order and prioritize our lives.

He does, after all, know us better than we know ourselves. It’s very difficult, but if we let go of all our “stuff” (and that is much harder than it sounds!) and ask God to help us organize it and put it in the best order, we will be much more content. Without God’s say, everything around us seems to demand equal attention and nobody is happy with what we give.

But we seem to have a couple glaring problems to face as we look at our lives and what God may want to do with them….

Problem one…we don’t even know what being a mature adult really looks like!

How can we aim for something we can’t even define! Beginning back in childhood we’ve been practicing to be “an adult”, which means at that time, doing WHATEVER I WANT. That’s pretty normal for a kid. I know my main goals were never cleaning my room; eating as many M&M’s as I wanted; and having no bedtime. Cute, right!? But what is cute at 8 isn’t cute any more at 18, less so at 28 and downright sad at 38. We need to turn our minds around to accept that rules and boundaries are there to help us live healthy, free lives. Without them all this supposed freedom is just one big pit of slavery to fears and addictions. What is “an adult” to me now? I would say a real adult is a wise person that embraces priorities and responsibilities as a good thing, and is capable of thinking about others over himself.

Problem two… allowing God to prioritize our lives would mean being ok with his rules and limits.

All right, let’s be honest, who really likes moderation? Not me!! It has to do with, “no” and “that’s enough.” But drawing boundary lines and sticking with them, having moderation, is a huge key to contentment. We want to overdo so many things because we are trying to

fill an emptiness only God can fill.

The past couple years I’ve been working on undoing my desire to just gorge on food. I thought it would take 6 months tops. Well, it’s been two years and I just now feel maybe I bumped up from understanding this at 60% to maybe 65%. It’s just really slow-going!!  Many of our habits are so ingrained because they are our old ways of comforting ourselves without going to God so we can feel better about life. It takes time, practice, grace and constant listening to truth to really become free to pursue God 100%. But, it’s possible!

“But, many things I want are good! They’re fine!” you may say. The only truly good thing to pursue without limit is God. We can never have too much of God. There’s always more of him to know. We can always be growing more like him, learning to love and appreciate him, and trust him more each day. In fact, our hunger for him increases as we spend time with him. It’s a pretty sweet place to be….aware that only God fills that empty place inside so we don’t need to cram everything else in. Some food fills us up, some entertainment is fine, some work is followed by some rest. Suddenly life actually makes sense and we see where we want to spend our time.

As we learn to submit our lives fully to Christ, we give him the power to help us order our lives. That may mean confronting bad habits and moderating our excesses. That may mean learning how to say no and not feeling guilty for creating space to breathe and rest. That may mean analyzing all our activities and deciding if things need to be cut out or adjusted. But, all these things will come if we just focus on knowing God better. God keeps things simple for us! We focus on him, and he does the rest. We seek him, spend time with him, rest in him and slowly but surely he will help with every step of ordering our lives. He is the expert at that!


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