Slavery Can Be Good?

Are you insane?

Freedom. Oh how we love it! And so we should. God made us to be free…full of dignity, value, and respect. There’s a freedom spectrum though, perhaps one we are not always aware of. On one end we are miserable…allowed to be degraded and treated as objects, owned by other people. God made men and women in his image to be respected treated well. And so much of what goes on in the world is necessary for freedom – we do need to fight and sacrifice for it. But, the other side of the spectrum is horrible as well, though maybe less obvious. It’s where I proclaim

I will do whatever I please and deserve to have whatever I want.

I will not bow to anyone, including God. I will rule me and I alone know best.

It sounds right at first, but that far side is equally destructive. We can see its effects just looking at our society. It has brought about the downfall of the strong, central family structure. We are told every person in the family has to be the same. No leader, no followers, no submission, no sacrifice. Of course it falls apart! Families stay together because of dedication to God and one another, sacrifice of my own wants for those I love, holding fast to those unique roles for a peaceful, loving family. Families do not thrive in a society of me, me, me. Divorce continues to escalate. It’s not a mystery. We have little concern for faithfulness. It’s convenience we are told matters. We are told to be strong – we are all leaders, all the same, even the kids. Children grow up extremely selfish and unable to function as adults. Also, sexual confusion is rapidly increasing because women believe that

being different is being less.

We should all be valued the same, but so much about women is unique and wonderful.  Being a strong woman is an awesome goal and one that involves humility and sacrifice, not pretending to be men. We try to tell everyone body parts don’t determine our gender., but they do! God created people men and women to stay that gender and learn to love it our whole lives. When we don’t, it’s not surgeries we need, but a change of heart and mind. Sexually transmitted disease continues to grow. We all feel we should run around

indulging every craving we have.

What kind of freedom is all of that. It’s not freedom at all. It’s slavery to sin, lust and selfishness. Now that does sound insane, doesn’t it?

We are most free right in the middle of the spectrum, free of wrong human rules but absolutely open to God’s rules. I don’t know what’s best for myself. Even when I try to be obedient to God, I have trouble staying on a good path. It takes all my focus and effort to come under God to find the path he says is best for me and you know what? He’s right. I may not get it today, appreciate it this year, want it all the time, but eventually… even if it’s in heaven one day, I will eventually admit

God’s ways are best!

Why not do that today instead of in fifty years! People are meant to serve God completely, bow to his wishes, be humble, obey whatever he says. He made the earth with rules for our good. He made genders, family structures, morals, relationships….all of it and it’s because his way gives us the most freedom and joy.

The book of Revelation in the Bible helps us see where the ugly side of too much freedom leads…to becoming objects, not people. Revelation 18:13 shocks me… after listing all the “cargoes” traded amongst materialist, power-crazed societies, the last cargo listed is “bodies and souls of men”. When we go along with what the world considers freedom, complete indulgence and bowing to no one, that is what we become…just another commodity bought and sold. Our spirits die here on earth and if not introduced to God’s salvation, really die eternally in the afterlife apart from him. It’s a hard fact to accept, but what we obsess over,

the very “freedom” we crave, will only destroy us.

Why accept slavery of our very soul and spirit to the ruler of this world that cares nothing for us.

So let’s analyze our causes. Take a look at all those “old-fashioned, traditional” rules that “offend” you. Rules people make come and go – but God’s rules, God’s way, should remain and will remain, regardless of what we call our own “wisdom”.  It’s good to get to the point that we can gladly say,

I am a slave to God. Therefore I am as free as I can be.

I am not wrongly enslaved by others, and I am no longer enslaved by my own lust and selfishness. If this sounds ridiculous, spend some time in the presence of your creator, friend and lover of your soul, Jesus Christ. When we know him, we fight with all we are to be his slave. No one loves us more or treats us better. He is an amazing and wonderful master to serve.

We all serve someone or something! Figure out whom you are serving.


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