I’m Not Sure I Can Do This Any More

Our outlook on life varies quite a bit day to day, doesn’t it? Some days we wish there were extra hours so we could get more done. Other days don’t go by fast enough. And then there are those wonderful days we wish would never end. However we feel today,  our merciful and kind God is in control.

So much in our daily lives points to God’s mercy and kindness. He ingeniously created divisions in time – seasons, years, months, days,. Our lives are divided into these smaller bits so we can actually handle, with God’s help, each and every day. Without this blessing of time divided, we would have to face one endless day with no breaks or chances to rest and regenerate. How stressful and discouraging that would be! But, we can always handle this one day. We can gather all our courage and determination to live godly lives and be faithful for today. 

I may have no idea what the future holds, but I can see today. In these 24 hours, I have a few main goals. I need to care for this body of mine – it’s the temple of God. I need to fix my eyes on God above all else – a successful day is one focused on him. I can trust God will correct my path, encourage my heart, and enable me to live this day with his priorities and plans. There are people he hopes to reach through each of us every day – our families and friends but also acquaintances and strangers. He uses each of us to function as one part of a body with the different abilities and talents he has given us. Maybe today I’m supposed to function as an elbow. So that’s what I do! I bend to the best of my ability with a good attitude because the body would not be very effective without elbows! (Imagine brushing your teeth!) And I rejoice for all my brothers and sisters for the roles they play today. We function as a whole, no envy or jealousy needed. We all together, as one body, empowered by the Holy Spirit, can do today what God intends.
After 16 hours, we rest and remind ourselves that whatever did not get accomplished is still in God’s hands, as it always has been. We sit down and rest. We sleep as God recharges us for another day. We acknowledge we are weak, but he is so very strong. We need sleep daily but he does not. We don’t know, but he does. We didn’t deserve his love, but he lavished it upon us anyway.
Then morning comes and we begin again, with a joyful heart, until we have lived a faithful week, month, year and life. I most want to hear God say to me. like in Matthew 25:21, “Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share in your master’s happiness.”

And then a blessed eternity begins with the God that has always loved us entirely. We can do this, friend. We can face today, knowing God’s got us! Maybe today the joy is a bit forced or even nonexistent, but as we live each day, however it turns out, God will lighten our loads, encourage our hearts and help us see we really do matter. Every person is here on earth for a reason and matters to God. We can know this is true, regardless of our feelings or circumstances. We can live this day because God’s got us!


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