Living Forgiven

GivingTreeLiving as forgiven children of God takes some effort. It doesn’t necessarily come easy every day, does it? Our default setting seems to be shame, anxiety and paranoia, the effects of sin. Resting in God, believing his love for me, living free…they do take practice.

And no wonder – Revelation 12:10 reminds me that our enemy, the accuser, is always at work accusing us both to our faces and to God – day and night. He’s being active and working to trip us up. While we do not need to dwell on Satan or be afraid (God is infinitely more powerful and he wins), we do need to be honing our skills and taking our

true identity

seriously. If my heart is not freshly, daily resting in God’s presence, being soaked in truth, I can forget my identity and stray. It’s that lingering effect of sin in this world.

When a person around you dislikes you, how do you do deal with that? For many of us, it is very uncomfortable at best, a vicious cycle of worry, dread and fear at worst. We know God has an enemy, and therefore we as Christians do as well. But instead of doing what we would naturally do (worry, dread and fear him), we need to

focus on the One that adores us.

God is infinitely more powerful; he alone is in control. God is everywhere, knows everything and has zero limitations. We are secure in him, assured victory. Regardless of what our circumstances tell us today – we are overcomers because God always overcomes.

Our part is living as God’s victorious children, accepting God’s forgiveness and overflowing grace that covers our mistakes and flaws, learning how to live as victorious, dearly loved, completely enabled sons and daughters of the King. We do not dwell on how the enemy hates us, but on our how God loves us, protects us and offers us his freedom and power. 

That’s were Christians have the chance to stand out. How else can we turn the other cheek when slapped in the face, or willingly hand over our sweater too when robbed of our coat (Luke 6:27-31). We truly live in another dimension, one that often seems unreal and opposite what the world knows. We can’t help but stand out and be noticed as we choose God’s way of life over what the world offers. And that’s how it should be! We bring glory to God as we embrace our amazing identity in him. He gets the glory as I become able to bless those that hate me and learn to maintain an attitude of joy and hope in what really often is a pretty cruel reality. God has done everything to give us eternal life and freedom, but gives us the choice to accept his gift and learn how to then live as adopted children, completely accepted, adored and treated the same as God’s own son, Jesus Christ.


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