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Some days I just love the unchanging nature of God, but other days… not so much. God can seem like an enormous boulder in the ocean and I am a tiny ship. I can use this boulder, God, to guide me safely into the harbor from the dark, stormy sea. With him, I can end up at the right destination. But some days,

I just want to do my own thing.

I pretend I can go wherever I please, with eyes closed if I want. Sounds foolish, doesn’t it?  After all, I don’t want to wreck my ship. But it does happen, sometimes quite frequently, if I insist on testing God and trying to change the unchangeable.

We’d like to think of life as a huge puzzle with interchangeable pieces. We can decide what the picture will be day by day. I’m in the mood for a sunset. Today, a wild party scene. Now, a huge banana split. And I will use the pieces I want to put the puzzle together. But God doesn’t seem to work that way.

He has a plan.

He has purposes and dreams, hopes, all leading to an amazing eternity with him. He has no room for our schemes of disobedience, selfishness and pride.

The thing is, we are a people that values flexibility, variety and independence. But those aren’t God’s top priorities. He seems to value consistency, persistence, faithfulness, a solid faith demonstrated by purposeful action. It seems to become harder and harder for us, such independent people, to conform to this way of life. God seems so “monotonous”, “traditional” and “inflexible”. But, do we consider his strength? Do we value his steadiness and consistency? He is so wonderfully sure. God is our Solid Rock, our Firm Foundation. He is unshakeable, unchanging and eternal. We need that steadiness! We need that lighthouse, compass and guide. In our world of stormy, wild seas, how nice to cling to our mighty God and know his

safety, peace, and permanence.

Let’s approach our amazing God with humility. Change is essential….ours! God goes about this change so gently and kindly. We aren’t little Play-doh people he smashes into a pancake and starts over with every day. He lovingly teaches us, molds us, grows us into the identity we are meant to have. Sometimes it’s a lovely process, other times it feels more like setting a broken bone. But, God knows what he is doing and we are safe in his hands. We can be thankful for his unchanging nature. May our prayer always be,

“Change me, Lord. Make me more like you.”


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