ScaleThe book of Revelation is a great reminder that as much as it is God’s heart to love and forgive us, to offer a way out of judgment and separation from him, at some point

there will be an end to the offer.

There will be wonderful things in store for those that have accepted Jesus as Savior, and sadly terrible things in store for those who do not.

We all seem to struggle with the fact that so much doesn’t seem fair here on earth. I know I do. People do terrible things and seem to have no consequences. Meanwhile we see tragedy all around that seems so wrong.

But, this won’t be the case forever. One day all accounts will be set straight, every heart searched, and

all God’s justice and holiness absolutely clear.

In the midst of this will be very, very humble people. I think it will be brutally clear that not one person deserves God’s grace and mercy. The most fair, just course of action would have been for God to cast us all away from his presence. The fact that God has made a way for us to be saved and reunited with him is huge. He truly is love, grace and mercy.

Thoughts of fairness and punishment reminds me of a childhood memory.  In my family, once bedtime came, the children were not allowed to get out of bed unless it was an emergency. We knew there were consequences if we did. Yet, one night, one of my sisters and I decided adventure outweighed risk and snuck down the hallway to watch TV. We squeezed beneath an end table, just feet away from my mom, to figure out what Johnny Carson was laughing about. We sat there quite a long time, but maybe that was kid perception for five minutes! Of course we eventually got the giggles and sped back down the hallway into our beds. Mom could tell my sister was guilty, but I was pretending to sleep very convincingly so I missed out on the punishment.

I found, there’s no real joy in that place. Escaping punishment just felt wrong without my sister enjoying it with me. I knew I deserved the same punishment. I’m sure it felt extremely unfair for her. My kid heart was troubled and I regretted the whole escapade, as I’m sure my sister did even more! The world is meant to be fair, just and right. Even escaping punishment didn’t make me feel right about the whole thing.

There’s no tricking God. He does see all we do, all we are. He loves us, but doesn’t cover up the fact that we have a sin nature that must receive due punishment. That’s where Christ comes in and takes that punishment for us so we can be reunited to God once more. But, it’s not automatic. We have to face up to these truths and make a decision to follow Christ.

Those in heaven with God for all eternity aren’t those who deserve it, but those who

accept God’s grace and forgiveness.

There is no pride, haughtiness or entitlement that will remain as we kneel before God. God is perfect and has made a way for all of us, sinful people, to have a chance for salvation. We can show him our thankfulness in the way we live our lives and glorify his name every day.


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