Why is it so difficult to rest? It seems it would be the easiest thing ever – just to sit in God’s healing presence and recharge. Once we’re there, we love it of course. But, staying there is quite a challenge.

It requires humility and we can be very prideful. For many of us, it is very appealing to constantly prove our independence. Just like a two-year-old, we yell at God, “No! I do it!” It’s so hard to stay in the place of need and reliance. With just a bit of humility, we begin to realize, we cannot live well by ourselves. The world assures us every day – you can do anything you set your mind to. But the truth is, no, alone, I really can’t. I can make a lot of checklists to mark and I can try to be “The Little Engine That Could” but eventually, I have to admit, I am weak. Every person, without Christ, is weak.
We can come visit this beautiful pool of water as often as we please. God beckons us to come in and be refreshed, filled with his peace. Some days, sure, that sounds good. Other days, we just don’t feel like it – it takes too much effort, we’re tired and lethargic, the water is probably too cold. It’s amazing the excuses we can find!

But God holds out his hand and leads us in, or drags us in when we admit some days we need him to! And that water is perfectly cool. The sun is shining on our faces. We float in wonderful silence. Nature charms us. Beauty fuels our jaded minds and we never want to get out. On a good day, we will stay in the pool or at least remember this time of refreshing throughout the day. But quite often, by the next day, we’re back at the pool, arms crossed, eyebrows furled, stubbornly telling God – sorry, I am just too busy today.
God is so kind and merciful to us. He only wants what’s best, for him and us. Let’s make it a daily, hourly choice to rest and be refreshed by him.


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