Roller Coasters

RollerCoasterRoller coasters…they always cause controversy in my family, yours too? When my family goes to amusement parks, we have to divide up between the “roller coaster people” and the “spinny ride people” (or the “neither people,” which I veer toward these days!) It’s not the thrills of the roller coaster I don’t like. It’s the feeling that

I am not secure

in that silly, little car with a pathetic bar (that I swear I could bend with one hand) keeping me from death. I suppose roller coasters have improved, but as a kid, that bar didn’t even rest on my legs. Am I asking too much to want to feel safe while I have fun? Give me a big, padded, over-the-shoulder harness that I can hang onto with all my might and I would jump on any roller coaster.

Life to me is no different. I do want adventures, to explore new things (that may appear to be or actually be dangerous), and to know excitement and risk. But I always want

God’s amazing protection keeping me 100% safe

– and he truly does that for us. He holds our hearts gently and protects them from all that has the potential to hurt us, both the fun roller coasters but also the real threats of our vicious enemy.

That doesn’t mean we can completely avoid crazy days. We have plenty of endless spirals that make us feel nauseous. Sometimes those “fun” drops stop feeling fun and we want to get off the ride! Real life can be brutal to an unprotected heart. Some people are in horrid situations that can’t even be compared to a roller coaster, but more like a torture chamber. Perhaps you are in a relationship where you are not valued or down-right abused. Maybe your circumstances are worse than ever and you aren’t sure if you can even provide necessities for your child. Maybe you’re in the midst of tragedy or loss. Whether wonderfully high or in the deepest pits, God is always there offering us his love and protection.

God is always that amazingly strong, never-failing, perfectly fitting, comfortable and wonderful safety bar for our hearts.With him, we can know we can make it through whatever life has for us. We aren’t going to go off the track at our highest highs  nor will we fall out of our seats when life turns upside down and no longer makes sense.

We are safe, wonderfully safe 24/7, in all we face, in all we pray we will never face, through our last breath and into eternity where those that claim Jesus as Lord and Savior will get to be with the one and only God who loves us more than we will ever fully understand. It’s not the ride, good or bad, it’s the fact we are

absolutely secure and protected in God’s mighty arms.


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