True To the Gospel

When we share Christ with others, it should be our heart’s desire to communicate the Gospel well – every part of it. Sometimes I’ve wanted to emphasize the love part and minimize the sin and cross part in hopes of making it “easier” for a person to want to believe. But this doesn’t help – it actually cheapens all God has done for us.

CrossWe don’t appreciate all Christ has done for us if we don’t understand our terrible position. Yes, it’s important to know and understand I am a sinner, no better than any other sinner on earth. And I deserve hell for that. It is a hard truth but it also is the first step toward salvation. It can’t be minimized.

From that point, we grasp better all God has done to save us. God gave his only son, Jesus, perfect and also God, to be spit upon, falsely accused and finally crucified for all our sin. God was willing to experience separation, rejection, pain and agony all for us. He could not have sacrificed more than he did to give us this chance to be reunited with him.

He sees those who repent through the perfect blood of Christ. We can be new creations, forgiven and able to once again know God’s love instead of God’s wrath. When Jesus rose from the dead, he defeated sin and death, all that had kept us from God.

So let’s communicate well who God is, who Jesus is and all that was done for us, people that deserved none of it. We can’t downplay any part of the Gospel message. It was the most horrible situation that became the best news ever.

Now the law came in to increase the trespass, but where sin increased, grace abounded all the more.
Romans 5:20 ESV


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