Doors and Keys

There is an amazing amount of power and authority in being able to lock and unlock, open and close doors. I can’t help but think of my husband and his group of friends in college. We were all music majors and spent probably 90% of our time in the music building. For some reason, still a bit of a mystery to me, his bunch of friends was obsessed with gaining access to every room in the music building at any time, before they graduated. The joy and power in this endeavor was weirdly intoxicating to them. I think eventually, between them all, they were successful in their goal. The subject still comes up way too frequently even now, in my opinion!

It’s true, though, keys do equal power. Opening and closing the doors in our lives is essential in controlling our lives. But like it or not, we don’t have the power to do this on our own, at least not in a way that ends well. However, God does have the keys and the wisdom we need. If you’re like me, that may make you just a bit uneasy. Who hasn’t been a kid locked in or out of a room, cruelly or as a joke! Thankfully God is not like that – he is good and kind. He wants us to open the doors to grace, hope and obedience and close the doors to what hurts us and hinders us (though we often disagree which is which!).

So God is in charge of all doors and whether they are locked. But he is not a bully and does not force us to be obedient. That’s awesome, a relief….I guess. Except that our stubbornness and disobedience really screws things up! God puts a key in our hand and we refuse to use it. God says, you’ll love this room. We say no I won’t! Where I’m at seems better and refuse to go in.

Or God is closing a door leading to disaster but we stick out our foot out to prevent it from closing. He tells us the enemy is waiting inside with chains in his hands. We yell, “No! There’s not even a handle on my side! That’s too final. I want my options open.”

Disobedience and stubbornness do not work for him or for us! We need to trust God completely. I struggle as much as anyone else thinking I may know better at times or perhaps this is that one time ever God may be wrong. But let’s face it – he has a perfect track record, and ours is spotty at best, horrible at worst.

God is absolutely capable and willing to control every door in my life. He doesn’t get tricked like I do with the lovely design on the door or the delicious smells beckoning me in. Our enemy is deceptive and gladly pushes us toward destruction, a smile on his face the whole time.

Let’s come to God and daily admit he knows best and we do not. We can trust his wisdom and love in telling us what doors we need to open or close, lock or unlock. God will never deceive us. He is perfectly good, true and righteous. When we trust and obey him completely, we can have confidence that we will have a blessed life, regardless of how hard or easy the path is. God’s way is the best way, the only good way. He can be 100% trusted to protect us and lead us where we should go. The more we test these truths by taking   him at his Word, the more we will find he is perfectly good and right. If all the authority was in our hands alone, the human race would have  ended the day Adam and Eve screwed up. God has shown us grace and mercy every day since. Let us acknowledge our thankfulness with our thoughts, words and actions.


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