Acting Like Myself

How do you like being in the spotlight? I don’t care much for it, myself, never have. I’d rather be in the background – it’s much safer. Well let me revise that a bit… I don’t mind being in the spotlight as long as I don’t have to be me.

I stumbled upon this concept in high school. I came from a large high school where one of my biggest goals was to avoid receiving the shyest award for my class each year. Really, who makes up such cruel awards!

But then I stumbled upon acting. I found I didn’t mind the spotlight at all when I was up on stage being someone else. In fact, the stranger the character, the better! Let’s see, I got to play an elderly Swedish lady (that accent was so fun to do!), an annoying telephone operator, and an imbalanced criminal with a gun that ran around in a nightgown. And really, it didn’t bother me at all. You see, these characters were crazy but they were safe. It didn’t matter if anyone judged them because they weren’t judging me.

Unfortunately, many of us find this a wonderful way to really live life – at least it seems to be, until we realize how desperately we want to be known and loved for who we are. People are made to be seen, heard, valued and appreciated – quirks and all. But many of us are so insecure and fearful of rejection and false judgments, that we pass. Real acceptance seems only a dream. Not so….God makes that dream a reality.

God stands there with us on the stage of life, making up for all our deficiencies. We look at the rags we are wearing in shame, but God hand us beautiful clothing, meant for royalty. I am the King, he says, and you are my child. So you are royalty too. That’s great, we say, but my words and actions still reveal the old me. You have my Spirit, he replies. Your thoughts, your dreams, your words… they are being transformed. In time, you’ll sound and think and dream more like me.

But I am so clumsy, we say. I will still make a fool out of myself. God replies, well how about we walk arm in arm and I stay right with you. You’ve got me 24/7.
God encourages us to be bold in Him and risk living life as ourselves. We’ll do it together, he promises. I’ll never leave you. It will be our little secret! We’re always together and any shortcomings you worry about, I will make up for. You can be yourself and be at peace.
There is definitely risk involved, but how great to finally be able to be known and loved for who we really are. Let’s save the acting for the stage and learn to live life as ourselves, warts and all.


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