Lesson #1……Give Up?

maninchairIt sounds so wrong, doesn’t it? Trust me, I’m looking out the window right now in case the PTP (Positive Thinking Police) come to arrest me! It seems that never giving up is one of those absolute necessary lessons good parents and teachers pass on. After all, this life is difficult and we need to be ready to stand up for ourselves and all we deserve, right?

Turns out we’ve bought into a worldly viewpoint, not a godly one. It’s such a relief to acknowledge to God that

I really just can’t do this.

We get on our knees and ask God to forgive us for our pride and stubbornness. It’s pure foolishness to continue insisting on my way when I’ve given my life to the Creator of the Universe, the Almighty God. It’s like that Einstein quote, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

The answer really lies ihumility toward Godadmitting we cannot do something and need help. If you’re like me at all, that is very challenging because the world has taught me

it’s MY life, MY plans, MY goals, MY problems.

But in truth, when we choose to follow God, we choose to give up all the “my”s and admit it’s really GOD’S life, GOD’S plans, GOD’S goals and therefore also GOD’S problems to solve.

But as with so many Kingdom of God dynamics, it’s opposite from our earthly common sense. I don’t want to be weak, to say I am weak, or be thought to be weak by anyone else. But when I finally do admit on my own, ‘YES, I AM WEAK, LORD! HELP ME,” That is when God seems to say – You know, you are you’re right… but you have me and I’m anything but weak. Now let’s kick some butt. (No, that’s not in the Bible!) And, that’s when change really begins – when I give up and admit I am truly weak in my own power. When I fall on my knees and finally hand the struggle to God, I invite him to make me strong in his power. It’s kind of ironic really…the lesson we should be teaching others is

The quicker you give up to God, the quicker you’ll find that together with him, you’re undefeatable.

It’s true that the most powerful position we can be in is on our knees.


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