God Is Waiting

guywithphoneFor You.

Luke 15:11–32 – the account of the prodigal son. What a wonderful peek into God’s heart for us. So much can and has been said about God’s amazing character as he accepts his son’s return after a long stretch of foolish choices. What stands out to me today is how God watches and waits for us to return when we have strayed from him. Though it isn’t said, it seems the father in the story must often have been standing outside, watching for his sons return. As terribly as his son treated him, life isn’t “business as usual” while he is away. It seems the father’s whole routine changed. He didn’t just resume life with a careless, “whatever!”

His heart was broken and his life wasn’t the same until his son returned.

When his son does return, it was time to celebrate! There wasn’t a two month I–told–you-so and prove-you’re-really-sorry phase. Unlike people, God doesn’t spend all his time nursing a grudge and griping to those around him. Verse 20 says the father was “filled with compassion” as he saw his son from afar, eager for a restored relationship, eager to enjoy his son’s company.

That’s God’s heart for us when we foolishly stray from him. He is full of compassion and mercy. You can know returning to him will be a celebration, a sweet restoration of your relationship. If you’ve been wandering in desperation, maybe today is the day to finally

come home.


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