Fragile Hearts

heartAs confident, enthusiastic, boisterous or outgoing people around you seem, their hearts are just as vulnerable and needy as yours. Hearts don’t “toughen up”. We may cover them with all sorts of creative “protection”, chain them up or hide them, but fragile they will always remain.

Every person, no matter our age, gender, career or experience, will always need to face that people have the potential to hurt us. Likewise, we have the same capacity to hurt others. It’s a horrible reality, but it is our life in this fallen world. 

How do we function and hope to be involved in meaningful relationships,

when we get sick of all of that pain? 

We know our hearts need protection but find our methods are lacking. Our ways seem to numb us, cut us off from others, cover up infected wounds, and further arm us to hurt others. But, there is a solution out there, though it feels risky at first. That is placing our fragile, vulnerable, but so very valuable hearts into God’s hands. He is able to protect them and keep us grounded and satisfied in a risky and challenging world.

What a relief! We are protected and well-loved as we venture out into this world where so many people need to hear and experience God’s love through us.

We serve a brilliant God, don’t we!? His plan is not always the easiest but he equips us to carry out EVERYTHING he has planned. He desires to use us to reach others, but always makes sure we are

safe and grounded in his incomparable love first.

He doesn’t just say we are valuable to him, he proves it every day.


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