When Our Dreams Become Nightmares

windmachineOne problem we dreamers face is preferring our dreams over reality. It’s not that we don’t like our current life, but we’re just really good at thinking how it could be better.

Who wouldn’t prefer a few (hundred) improvements to their personality and character? Who can’t think of jobs and adventures and all sorts of tweaks to reality that would spice up what often seems a humdrum, monotonous life? It doesn’t take long until our hearts et set on our own plans and those dreams easily deteriorate into nightmares, reality can morph into a maze of  discontent and disillusionment.

Don’t despair….God has a solution to this dilemma, a way out of our self-created maze. It’s easy, too!  You just stop. Stop running and hiding, stop half-heartedly trying to find a way out. Instead, look up and ask God for help. Sounds do-able doesn’t it? It really is. God loves to help us but He doesn’t force us… He invites us to travel alongside him. His path is the way to go. He’s not going to switch over to our preferred path.

God has a plan, not just a dream, for our lives.

And since he really does know us best – he did make every person and knows our every thought and intention – he also knows the plan we truly will love most of all. And that’s his plan! Not ours.

The great thing is God’s plan involves our hearts functioning freely, no longer chained up and left for dead in our past pain and disappointment. Together, with our brothers and sisters in Christ, we learn to live a life of reality that actually is quite amazing. I dare to be myself, be honest, stop hiding what I don’t like about myself and allow God to transform me from the inside out.

I begin to see that

anything is possible with God

and even my weaknesses can be used for God’s glory. I start to realize no dream I could come up with is better than the reality of his plan –  acceptance of God’s love and grace along with genuine openness with others. I love his plan and I love his dreams. How different life is from this perspective. I never thought I could look forward to God confronting my problems and transforming my heart and my life, but here I am eager to allow him to work however he pleases. It all starts with that decision to go with his plan, his dreams. I resign myself to servitude only to find my master is the most kind, loving being I could know. It’s a joy to serve him because he works together with me for both his best and my best. So whatever he’s doing is a joy. And there’s nothing better for all of us, dreamers or not, than

a dream come true.


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