No Thanks, I’m Allergic to Yokes

Matthew 11: 28“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. 29Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”
God invites every person to receive forgiveness and salvation through Jesus’ death and resurrection. And once we are saved, God continues to work in our lives and challenge us to know him more deeply. He’s inviting you today to journey with him… what is your answer?
When we’re ready to say yes to whatever God invites us to, we are truly in the best place. God should be our first priority, and it is possible! “But, my family, my friends, my commitments!” you may say. (And ever so softly, “And my addictions, and my pleasures, and my hobbies!?” It seems to often come down to, “My life is fine as it is. Don’t mess it up, God!”
God has no interest in “messing up” your life. He wants our lives to be lived to the full but that requires trust and obedience. It requires us agreeing to new and better priorities and a shift of plans. We must be willing to change as He convicts us and teaches us more about himself.
If we have our hearts and minds tuned into the fact that traveling through life with God is the whole plan, the other areas of our lives begin to fall in place better. He stops being the means to an end, our genie, and becomes both the means and the end, our forever Lover and Friend. A good day stops revolving around getting our way and revolves instead around spending time in His presence, being obedient regardless of our circumstances. We really start to trust God and stop feeling nervous about HIs character and motives. We understand that He helps us keep our good commitments not break them.
So why do we struggle so much with submitting to God? Partially, because It involves us setting down our over-developed pride and picking up humility. We’d really prefer to be given the compensation, and THEN we’ll fulfill our part of the obligation. Even our world doesn’t work that way. But, as we are humble and willing to place His plans above our own and trust him with every aspect of our lives, THEN we finally understand, we actually want and like the yoke of God.
Do you struggle with Jesus telling us to take his yoke upon us? “Um, hello, I’m not going to be treated that way. Can’t you see my life is hard enough!? I don’t need any more burdens. I thought you were going to HELP with burdens.” That’s what my human nature screams. Guess what I’ve finally found out though, after refusing that yoke for so long. Well, big surprise, but his yoke is easy, and his burden is light. He was being honest. It makes no human sense but makes complete God sense. When we really submit to Him, even when our hearts don’t feel completely convinced and our minds are screaming out, “Are you crazy,” he blesses us beyond our hopes. He makes all things possible, and one of those things is a yoke that looks heavy but once put on, makes everything attached to it as light as a feather. Yeah, imagine your friend’s confusion when you say, “I’m exhausted, I must have accidentally taken off God’s yoke!” You’ll have some explaining to do there. But, seriously, God’s yoke is awesome and what we learn is that we want it on because it lightens our load and cheers our hearts. If you’ve been debating, maybe today’s the day…go put it on. I pray you do. Just be ready to be part of the most wonderful and amazing plans.


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