Grow Up!!

n1503p12003cMost growth involves some sort of pain and challenge. It’s no wonder so many of us resist growing up in many different areas of life. It is possible to stagnate and waste our days refusing to change. But, bit by bit, awkward step by awkward step, we should grow and realize we are glad we did.

I recently watched the TV show, The Middle. The eldest son is nearing graduation from college and it just then starts to hit him that he has no idea what he wants to do or even what an adult is. His whole life was only about fun. The scene that stuck with me was him pulling out an old poster from elementary school that said he wanted to be an astronaut or SpongeBob Squarepants. He said, “Thanks a lot, mom and dad. You could have told me there’s a difference. It’s a little late to try to be an astronaut now.” He had a good point.

Maturity takes many small steps into wisdom.

We as parents work hard to help our kids take these steps so they are able to be independent and handle life’s challenges.

Let’s take the astronaut comment. Sure, when a child is 5 years old, his parent may not say much about the obvious discrepancy between the two life aspirations. But, at 8, maybe it’s time to say, one of these is a cartoon that’s silly and one is an amazing job that makes a difference. At 10, maybe it’s time to say, astronauts need to be good leaders and work hard in their classes. At 15, maybe it’s time to say, if you really want to be an astronaut, we need to change your classes and maybe get you some tutoring. At 18, maybe it’s time to say, you can apply to school but even if you don’t get accepted at first, you can keep working at it. So, now this child is about to graduate from college and has a plan and has learned to work hard and discipline himself to meet goals. What a difference!

Spiritually we need to be open to taking small, sometimes painful, steps toward maturity in God. It’s a great first step to try to read our Bibles every day. But, at some point, we need to learn that we read the Bible to know and love God better, not to earn God’s love.Next, we need to ponder what we read and memorize the words to allow them to transform us. Have we learned how important it is to be part of a church body where we support one another? Or what about reaching out to people and serving others?  Can we ask our friends and family to point out discrepancies that are keeping us childish? Is it more important to do things “my way” or can we be humble and rethink the things we’ve always done?

Growing up was hard, but I really like being an adult now. There are far more benefits than negatives. Yeah, I miss playing all day and having naptime, but I love being a mom, and a wife, and a growing child of God. There’s no comparison!


5 thoughts on “Grow Up!!

  1. Great thoughts RD!! I love the very simple and concise way you just summed up parenting, in like 3 sentences!! So simple and yet you nailed it…it takes MATURITY ( A.K.A “growing up”). As I think about our culture, it seems to me we live in an adult “play land” where everyone wants the privileges that come with being an adult but without the responsibility. For instance, a friend and I were chatting today about how common place it is for young people (even those who come from a Christian home) to EXPECT to “live together”, to “try it out”, before making a commitment to marriage. It occurred to me that marriage IS all about MAKING A COMMITMENT to LOVE someone, “IN SPITE” of their annoyances, faults, and ugliness! That’s kind of the whole point! 😉 When we commit our lives to our Heavenly Father through the Salvation of Christ, He loves us “IN SPITE” of our sinful nature. He loves what HE SEES in us, which is the righteousness of Christ through grace, even though we still struggle with our flesh nature. We need to look at one another with grace, but also with clarity (NOT the psycho babble of “everything goes/non-morality/blurred vision” that passes for “tolerance” these days). It got me wondering….Is it even possible for our culture (our country) to go back to a FAMILY centered society? Is it even plausible to expect ANY kind of standard of parenting, personal responsibility (and virtue) regarding sexuality, and commitment of ANY KIND, if our society has abandoned MORALITY? How can we teach parenting, marriage, or ANY kind of relational ethics when people do not accept that we must have a moral center in our lives (even if it not a Christian morality, at least a social order/rules/acceptable standard), because quite frankly if we cannot accept that we are in trouble when left to our own sensibilities (without the guidance of God’s reason and order), then there is NO REASON to do anything with limitation or restraint!! I really do not know if we can turn back, as a Nation. I just don’t see how we can expect MATURITY (individual accountability) from a society that has lost it’s reason to “GROW UP”……Help me RD!!


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