Power – Where Does Mine End and God’s Begin?

This morning I’m processing some great thoughts by John Piper and Andrew Murray regarding God’s power and our weakness.

God only asks for one thing from us…our lives be given to him to be used however he pleases. Yes, true, it’s the hardest thing ever! It’s a decision I constantly need to remind myself of and recommit to. How my flesh wants that decision revoked! My biggest enemy is myself. If I admit, Lord, all I have to give you is my weakness, but it’s all yours. The rest of my days are in your hands. I know your plan is far better than mine, though it may appear untrue some days. I know there’s nothing on this earth more wonderful and satisfying than you. You are my prize.

End of struggle. Decision made. God then takes over everything else. He makes me strong. He gives me character traits I have never had before. He takes over my struggles with sin and temptation. He gives me purpose and fills my heart with the best dreams, ones that he does make come true.

II Corinthians 12:10 finally makes sense – “… For when I am weak, then I am strong.”

It isn’t God helping me get over my flesh each day. It’s I offer my flesh to God and he takes it, nails it to the cross with Christ, and takes complete authority and control over all of me. I don’t have to work for victory. I am relieved that that constant struggle to battle sin can be over. I open my hands and God gives victory to me. His power becomes my power in one transaction, not bit by bit as I earn it. I can be thankful for my weakness because through it, I know the power of God Almighty!


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