I Am So Humble!

Awkward silence!

Humility….now that’s a slippery fish to catch! As soon as you make any progress, you give yourself a pat on the back and are back to square one. Plus, aren’t we good at the whole false humility thing? We know what we should be like, but instead of really becoming humble, we become experts at looking humble. Hey, I’ll admit that if you do. So what about the humility we see in others? True or false? Yep, a slippery fish indeed!

Humility is tied into knowing who we are and who God is. God has tons of amazing qualities. I really like to focus on his love, his gentleness and kindness, his compassion. All amazingly true and worth our study and admiration.

But, what about his perfect holiness? His power? His righteous anger? I know I need to study and admire these more than I do, because they are absolutely true as well! I’m so glad they are, but wow, they make me quickly bow before him, fear him as he deserves, realize how amazing it is to be invited personally, by him, to be in his presence. Insta-humility there!!

Yes, he is the God that created everything and everyone. He keeps the world rotating and every star in place. His ingenious is what allows us to breathe billions of times and have that teeny group of cells that triggers our hearts to beat billions of times. That we exist and live at all are miracles in themselves !

And his strength and power….no one and nothing is more powerful than God Almighty. No natural disaster, no cruel leader, no phenomenal event in space compares to him. Think of a puny kid walking into a school of bullies with the heavyweight world champion holding his hand. Um, no one is going to mess with that kid! That’s God to us times a trillion!

What about his holiness!? One speck eliminates all our pride and sneakiness. To be in his presence physically, without his direct intervention, would be to die! Read the last chapters of Revelation, the last book in the Bible, or any of the accounts of his holiness. I love Isaiah 6, where we are shown a vision of Jesus on his throne. Talk about goosebumps! God is the being that deserves our utmost respect, admiration, and yes, fear! In view of his awesomeness, false humility dies instantly! You want motivation to change your less than stellar ways? That’s it!

But, what effort it takes to cut through our selfishness and pride for only that instant. That awe so quickly fades and we find ourselves back in our monotonous, self-centered life again. Don’t lose that awe! Practice God’s presence daily and submerse yourself in his magnificence! You will then know humility, wonderful humility. We serve the all-powerful and all-loving God of the Universe.

Isaiah 64:4 “…no eye has seen any God besides you, who acts on behalf of those who wait for him.”


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