Hard Times? Phooey.

beachfeetWriting about hard times is really not my favorite subject matter! When things are going well, truthfully, it’s more fun to pretend hard times don’t exist (a common problem for us dreamer types!) Life is good! “Tomorrow” I’ll think about the hard stuff. Of course, that often just doesn’t happen. We get caught up in our fun and celebrating and next thing we know, another hard time is here and we are

caught off guard and unprepared, again.

Let’s face it, there’s a gap between how we want to act when difficulty strikes and how we actually do act. What will lessen the gap, and hopefully remove it eventually, is practicing what we learn. Even the smartest person out there can be super stubborn in the ways of God. And who loses out when this happens? Not just God, but you too! So, during the “easier” times, we can be preparing our hearts and minds to skip the usual, predictable old methods that have always tripped us up….and practice God’s way of living.

We are either growing or declining as we live.

Staying “steady-eddie” is just not reality. It’s during those hard times that we’re uncomfortable, stretched and challenged. We come to realize that my way really does not work! Something’s gotta change! Maybe I should give God’s way a try? We don’t always get to that point of necessary change when life is easy and satisfying.

We become forgetful and swept away with our old worldly concerns again.

What is it we need to learn to dwell upon…things like, what matters most to me? Who has my back when I’m attacked? We need to know at the deepest level, that God’s faithfulness and power are always there for us. Nothing is impossible with Him. He is the source of  the hope, joy and peace we so need. We need to learn to celebrate with God at all times. He’s not a kill-joy, despite that label He has received. His celebrations are amazing! They involve feasting and joy, enjoying fellowship with others, encouragement and that peace that the world can never offer That can be our daily life if we see the value in it.

Think about it this way, if it took days to painstakingly move one drip of water into a canteen, and you knew you were heading out into the desert at some point, wouldn’t you spend the time to fill that the canteen completely? It would take effort, and maybe some sacrifice in your other daily activities for a while. But, you know it will be worth it, maybe even what determines your life or death. Or would you put it off and gamble that you have time and maybe someone else will share if the worst happens?

Don’t risk it. Know God today.

Work on trusting Him all of the time, regardless if your life is good or bad at the moment. Be thankful. Make your life a practice in dwelling in God’s presence and knowing Him better. Run to God first every day. Learn to hear His voice and then obey it immediately.

Incorporate God into your daily life, not just your emergency plan.

Then when that emergency does strike, you will truly find you are not shaken. You are absolutely secure and protected by the God of the universe!


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