Made To Worship 

raisedhandsEvery person was created with an innate desire to worship God. Adam and Eve were the only people that enjoyed this unhindered worship before sin entered the picture. Life is satisfying and right when our hearts are delighting in our Almighty God, the Creator and Lover of our Souls.

When sin entered the picture, that whole perfectly designed system was interrupted. Our desire and need for God is still there, but we think we know better what will satisfy ourselves. In our eagerness to fulfill this need, we end up becoming slaves to many  cruel masters. We hop from one thing to another, finding only bondage and emptiness. You see,

what we worship, we serve.

They go together. With God, it’s a good pair because He is the perfect, righteous, good Father. There is no risk to ourselves.

Not the case with all our other numerous alternatives. The enemy, Satan, would prefer we worship him, but he is happy if he can at least keep us from worshiping God. Food, power, pleasure, entertainment, your spouse or child, your job, your hobby, friends, yourself, luck, rules…the possibilities are endless! Does it frustrate you that even “good” and necessary things are on this list with the obviously harmful ones? It does me. Half of those options are ones we deal with on a daily basis. We’re supposed to love and serve our family and friends, so why are they on the list? Because, good or bad or in between, nothing but God can be the focus of our worship.

Our hearts become so confused when we don’t allow them to find rest in God. We feel like gypsies, wandering aimlessly, unable to find our home. We try so desperately to solve the riddle on our own…we seek comfort in food, alcohol, drugs, people. We need more and more to satisfy us, until we find we are abusing these things and people. Life becomes about numbing ourselves until we get that next fix. We hop from person to person, looking for someone that will treat us as we “deserve” and give us hope.

Life feels hopeless, pointless, full of endless disappointment.

Something is wrong. This isn’t working. I want to be done.

It’s God who holds the answer to our searching, longing hearts. He’s what we crave. We can set our hearts on God, the one that will never disappoint us. He is incapable of sin or selfishness. He accepts us and helps us see our true identity – sinners that have been invited to be

adopted into the family we were always meant to enjoy.

Our Father treats us well and sees us as his natural children. He gives us all the love and honor He gives His son, Jesus. We finally have found our home, that place in which we were meant to rest and find absolute fulfillment. At last, we can worship with all our heart, soul, mind and strength …. and only good comes out of it. We are happy to serve, even be called a slave, to the most kind, loving, good, powerful, forgiving Father. No more disappointment, no more abuse, no more searching.

Welcome home.


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