Actor Strike!

a.k.a. All the World’s a Stage

and oh, God… did I mention I know the perfect person for the lead?

dramafacesI know, that sounds terrible doesn’t it?! God has an amazing story going on every day in this world of ours, through centuries, millennia. So, let’s cut to the chase…who gets to play the lead in this drama. Shouldn’t it be me? No, the main character is Him, God! (Oh yeah, of course! That’s what I meant! I was just joking around before that.)

Have you ever confronted God with this complaint or is it just me? It does sound terrible, so very selfish. But that’s what we as human beings struggle with daily under sin’s influence. Good news though – God is determined to help us find our perfect niche in this production, and actually love it! God celebrates every victory we have in living this life in a godly way, not just as a puppet under sin’s control.

Here’s the vicious cycle as I see it: I come face-to-face with God with a list of grievances – how I was overlooked, underpaid, should have been the lead actress. God kindly, but firmly, puts his arm around my shoulders and points to the name of the show…it’s


What? Where’s the rest of the title? Where’s my name?! I feel shocked (again, for the billionth time) and all sorts of emotions hit me – disappointment, anger, frustration, a sense of relief, but most of all, embarrassment. What am I doing? I can’t play God? I was a different character wasn’t I? How did I end up here again, reading Him the riot act. I feel ashamed.

But here’s the part I love – God is nothing but grace and love to me again. He takes my hand and walks me back over to where I play my part and tells me how important my role is. It doesn’t matter that billions of people are in the production. He tells me

I am perfect for the role he gave me.

He sees me doing a great job with it and my shame is replaced with  love and acceptance. I remember, I do love this role! I forgot… it’s a perfect fit for me! God always assures me no one else could do a better job. Ok, it’s not the lead, but He tells me it’s extremely important. The words I say, the actions I carry out…they are crucial. And for this production to be its best, He is counting on me to do my part as only I can do.

Time goes by and I am happy and thoroughly invested in my role for a while. Until, one day, when someone else’s role catches my eye and I feel their role is better. Speaking of better roles, who is the lead, anyway? I could do a really good job as the lead given the chance! How did I get missed anyway? Does anyone even know I’m here?

And off I go, with my list of grievances in hand, to find… God. And we go through this whole cycle again. He is so incredibly patient! How many times would you have mercy on such difficult actors? God loves us so much that He is dedicated to lovingly correcting us and helping us accept and perfectly execute our role in this drama of life. He knows each of us and is entirely capable of helping us find meaning and purpose as we live day-to-day. Shall we try this again? Lights….camera….action!


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