Road Trip Part 1

Why Travel With Jesus?

“Jesus is my co-pilot”…is that a familiar phrase to you? It’s meant well but, in truth, Jesus should really be the pilot, or the one driving the car. He is an amazing travel companion all around. He helps us reach our final destination and takes the best route to get there.

He has amazing plans for our lives that we can’t even imagine.

And, He’s perfectly good and loving. Yet, we hesitate to allow Him to be the driver? Ok, admit it, often we absolutely refuse to let Him drive and we even try to shove Him out of the car.

God made each of us and gave us the gift of our life here on Earth – that’s the car, you could say. When we accept Christ as our Lord and Savior,  we then know our destination – heaven for all eternity with HIm. But the in between part is a big question mark, isn’t it? If you’re like me, you assume you are driving and off you go. For a long time I refused to listen much to Jesus and often when I heard Him, I still wouldn’t follow His advice. As much as I prepared, the journey rarely went well. I found I didn’t pick the best places to go, didn’t know the way to get there, and never seemed to have what I needed with me that day. Finally I decided I was done being a traveler and it was time to just stay home. But we were made to explore and have adventures!

What really works best is us giving Jesus His place at the wheel, allowing Him to go with His plans, and

just enjoying the trip like a kid in the passenger seat.

Easier said than done! Perhaps we can begin by just acknowledging our life, the car, is a gift from Him, our wonderful travel companion. Now think about how blessed we are to have Jesus absolutely committed to loving us and sharing our lives. Realize, we wouldn’t get out of the driveway without His help.

Now, where do we go and what route do we take? If we’re wise, we ask Jesus where we should head first. That’s the guaranteed best trip ever right there. He knows everything about you. He knows your interests, your talents, what you enjoy most, your challenges and your hopes. In fact, He made you, so He actually knows them better than you. Wrap your brain around that! He knows when to stop for food and gas. He is aware of construction and weather issues. He never goes the wrong direction. (No directionally challenged jokes, please!) The stops He plans are the best ones to check out by far. You’ll never linger too long somewhere boring or miss a beautiful view you’ve so looked forward to. The truth is, everyone is happiest with this arrangement and you are very well taken care of.


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