n1204p26003kWe as people are terribly longing, craving beings, aren’t we? Even the best things here on earth don’t really satisfy us. We want more. We want better. We want it all. Augustine said it well in his Confessions,

“Lord, you have made us for Yourself, and our hearts are restless

until they find rest in you.” (Confessions 1.1.1.)

So why is it that even we as Christians continue to find it difficult to be satisfied? We do have the real answer. But, still we think we need more. Perhaps it is because we have to go to God first for every single thing we desire – not just our spiritual needs, but every one. All our desperation and disappointment can be remedied in God..self-worth, value, intimacy, friendship, love, meaning, comfort, hope, security, etc.

God is the one that orders our lives so we can have peace. We usually put too weighty expectations on our family and friends. If we go to God first, always, what we expect from others can then be reduced to reasonable requests. He is the Lover of my soul, so I can let up on my spouse to be everything to me. He is the perfect Friend, so I can give my earthly friends more space and be less demanding. He is best Comforter, Supporter and Encourager. He is completely able to deal with every longing and hope I have.

Then, satisfied at a heart level, all my cravings and neediness can be satiated and I can have peace. I can pursue my human relationships with grace and mercy. I am not disappointed with people letting me down because first and foremost, I know God will never, ever let me down. What a sweet spot to live in constantly…fulfilled and content to enjoy the people around me. I can invest in others and serve them, not just see them as a way to meet my needs.


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