Dreaming God’s Dreams

sailboatToday I am thinking about how wonderful and awful dreaming is. It’s wonderful when dreams actually can be realized, somehow, at some time. But it is so very difficult when the dream will not or cannot happen. So how do we dream well? How do we avoid those dreams that only lead to frustration and heartbreak? Pretty clear by the name of my blog, I know how heartbreaking pursuing the wrong dreams can be.

Perhaps you stumbled onto this truth in other ways. But for me, I got a little confused with some of the verses that tell us of all God is capable of, like Matthew 19:26, “Jesus looked at them and said, ‘With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.'” Or, John 11:22 says, “But I know that even now God will give you whatever you ask.” Sweet!! I can decide on a dream, and this awesome God gives it to me! It seems He must have a “yes “button! I just have to find it!

Well years later I can tell you, there is no “yes” button. So the cycle of hope and frustration began for me at a young age. I would decide what I wanted and ask God for it. He seemed quiet, but I am persistent and don’t give up easily. So I pray and ask and believe. I even start off going that direction to demonstrate my faith. But, in the end, weeks or years, or decades later… I’d have to finally admit defeat. Why didn’t God answer my prayers? If all things are possible for Him, why wasn’t this dream possible for me? Doubt creep in, discouragement, despair. I mean, admittedly some of these dreams were way out there, but many seemed like they would please God. Either way, nothing. Bitterness started to grow and I began to be less and less excited to dream.

Well, it has taken a long time and more disappointment and frustration than I care to admit, but here’s what I finally discovered.

It’s that all things that PLEASE GOD and are PART OF HIS PLAN are possible.

I was going about it the wrong way. It’s not I decide what I want then ask God for it. It’s that I ask God to show me His dream for me, then go whole-heartedly after them. Those dreams really do come true and are quite amazing! I dare say, I love them!

It makes a lot of sense… now. He knows me better than I know myself. I get ideas here and there of what I’d like to do or be, but how would they really turn out?  Not always good. God knows my strengths and weaknesses. I may enjoy something, but if He knows it will only lead to pride and destruction, of course He doesn’t allow it to happen. He loves me too much. I may still try to pursue that dream, but it won’t have a good ending.

And, oddly enough, God’s plans and dreams for us can be tied to our weaknesses, not just our strengths. That’s scary if you prefer to be in control and comfortable, like myself. Putting yourself out there where you are weak is a vulnerable and potentially disastrous spot. But that’s what is also exciting and helps us see that God is indeed involved and blessing us there when it continues to go well. It may be something we used to dread, or an area we swore we would never be involved in, but I kind a hate to say it… I’M STARTING TO LIKE IT NOW….

But what if, you think, what if it’s going fine now but eventually my worst nightmare comes true and I fail. Well first, God does not take joy in us failing. Maybe He needs to teach us something, but He is completely good. He is love! There’s no guarantee that everything will always go smoothly or continue on forever. Maybe things will change. If so, I’m sure you will realize that new area that is on the horizon is becoming another one you actually really love.

God is for us. He wants each of us serving in areas He has planned for us. If we join up with His plans and dreams, we can know anything truly is possible with Him.


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