Who Handles Your Security?

A.D.T, YOU, or GOD?

Luke 11:21“When a strong man, fully armed, guards his own house, his possessions are safe. 22But when someone stronger attacks and overpowers him, he takes away the armor in which the man trusted and divides up his plunder.

Security systems bring peace of mind to an anxious homeowner. If we live in a dangerous neighborhood or need protection from fans or enemies, we are even more thankful for it. But what if the very one you trust to protect you, be your own security system, is the one who most wants to cause you harm? What if the peace you think you have is a lie and reality is that you’re in imminent danger every moment of your life? Sadly, this is true for us, people born and living in a sinful world

This wasn’t God’s original plan! He is the Giver of Good Gifts. His plan was that every person would be born into a perfect world and a fulfilling relationship with Him for eternity. Adam and Eve proved that plan could be ruined. So we are born into a world that is already against us. The temporary ruler, Satan, despises us and only wants our destruction. We are broken, all our relationships are broken and worst of all, there is a gaping chasm between God and ourselves. So, in a matter of speaking, we are born into a home whose landlord and security system really does belong to our worst enemy. If that doesn’t set well with you, read on!

Satan is very cunning. One of his best ways to keep us from knowing our God that loves us and frees us from this horrible bondage is to try to cover our need for God. Satan tries to keep us feeling happy and secure in our hopeless prison. He has posters over the windows outside that make the scenery outside look sweet and sunny. He has all sorts of strategies to assure us we are safe and taken care of… props, diversions, entertainment. He is quite the actor and deceiver. But it’s all a lie. Not only does he make no effort to keep bad things out, he is actively inviting them in! People can be oblivious to this reality for most, maybe all of their lives. But, that’s not the end of the story! God is also working to free us from this confusion by helping us see the truth of this horrible, disobedient, chained up place we’re in. He then leads us to the place of complete forgiveness and relationship with Him.

What can we do? This sounds hopeless, you may think. Nothing is hopeless with God! All things are always possible with Him. He is also there in our captivity, working to wake us up and help us see where we are so we can get out!  He uses the Holy Spirit to convict us of sin, point out areas that don’t seem quite right and nudge us toward His truth. You know how sometimes you get that urge to be brave and ask that person that seems different somehow, secure and happy, why he is? Well, do it! Find out! But the urge passes, doesn’t it. Nah….back to TV, back to work, back to routine. That’s us not listening to God’s promptings. Yes, go ahead and read that Bible you’ve been remembering lately. Attend that church service, ask questions, find out where you are. Why do those tempting addictions always require more of you to be satisfied?

Why has the scene out the window never changed in the 20 years of your life?

Remember that time the door opened a hair, and you thought it strange to hear chaotic sounds outside for an instant when the scenery out the window looks tranquil? You dismissed that nudge toward God because you thought, nah…never mind. I’m good. Well, are you? If you don’t have God in the center of your heart and life, you are being cheated and misled.  Ask those hard questions like, “Why am I here?” and “Why does life seem so pointless often?”. “Why am I never really content here?” “Why do I feel like something is ALWAYS missing?” Because you are perceptive, and hearing God lead you toward His truth. Something is very wrong!

You’ll find as you pray to God and pursue His truth, the lies of the enemy begin to lose their power and stop seeming so tempting. How delicious is that taste of truth! Where can I get more of that? Staying numb and entertained loses its appeal when you begin to understand your real purpose and experience God’s powerful, passionate love for you, yes YOU.

It doesn’t take long and you are happy to watch God kick Satan out and take over what will finally be a safe and secure, wonderful, joyful place to live. True, God does expect your love and obedience but it becomes a joy to give Him both. You think of your old life and shake your head at the horrid living conditions you accepted. You start to realize you want to share this awesome truth to everyone you know.

Be gracious when you do! Realize how hard it was to believe you were living a lie at first! But be persistent with your friends and family. If it was up to us, as people, to rescue people and make them believe, our job would be hopeless. But, we have the Almighty God working with us and He has so many ways to help people understand. God will keep you safe and shine His glorious light so fiercely into the windows that you will know HIs complete protection, love and power.


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