Used By God

You Want Me To Do What?

Sometimes I just shake my head when I look at my natural talents and abilities and compare them to how God has me serving in the church. Can you relate? But what it boils down to is that He uses those that are willing. There are needs in the church body and if you are willing to be used, figure He will give you some interesting assignments. Rest and trust He will help fill in the gaps so you will do a good job. He’s fine with that. And I can be humble and work hard, knowing it’s by His grace I succeed.

It’s an honor to be used by the Almighty God. What do you do when you come across that person that really does possess tons more talent and ability than you do? Remember it’s willingness God values. Humbleness, obedience and submission. Don’t beat yourself up or allow yourself to feel looked down upon. Stay humble, be joyful and watch what God does. Give Him the glory for what seems your success and allow Him to be glorified in your weakness.


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